'Pushy' men demanded to buy couple's motorhome in Hatton leads to warning

Motorhome owners in South Derbyshire have been warned after sightings of 'pushy' people going door to door trying to buy people's vehicles. There have been multiple incidents in the villages around Hilton.

One resident in Hilton, who asked not to be named, said two men had appeared on his drive asking to buy his motorhome. After being rejected, they came back a few days later to try again, which left him feeling uneasy.

It comes as there are warnings from police to be careful over anyone who may be trying to buy caravans or motorhomes. It comes as other people in villages nearby have said they have also had issues with people knocking on doors too.

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The resident said: "The first time, it was on Saturday, March 12, at around 1pm and there was an extremely aggressive knocking at the door. There was a man who was at the door and he told me they wanted to buy the motorhome.

"I saw them and they were trying to open the door of the motorhome, which was locked and looking in the windows. He was quoting a price that was ridiculous. It was massively under what I would consider selling it for. I basically told him to do one. He walked away after that. He wasn't aggressive as per se but was very pushy. I wouldn't let him in."

'Pushy' men demanded to buy couple's motorhome in Hatton leads to warning

The resident said that another group of people came back two days later on the following Monday to try again to buy the motorhome. His wife, who was in at the time, also rejected their attempts to purchase the vehicle.

He said: "It was about two days later when these other guys tried again. I was out but my wife works from home. They were knocking quite continuously. Again, they weren't being aggressive but they were being quite pushy.

"She felt quite intimidated. We put the post up on one of the Spotted groups and people were responding that they had had similar incidents over in WIllington.

"I'm annoyed at the whole thing. I am very protective of my things. I just didn't like how they were banging on the door. I got angry."

It is not known who the men were. Derbyshire police has been contacted for a comment.

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