SmartSlydr is a robotic opener for sliding doors and windows

While there are plenty of options to make hinged doors smart, we’ve so far seen only one solution for sliding glass doors and windows. Lychee Things is looking to change that with its SmartSlydr, a motorized device on display at CES that can automatically open and close sliding glass doors and windows, similar to the Wayzn Smart Pet Door we reviewed in 2021.

Lychee Things is taking pre-orders on its website now with a $50 deposit and a sale a price of $399, discounted from $449. The company expects the product to ship in March. While somewhat expensive, it could be a game-changer for some, especially for those with disabilities.

The SmartSlydr attaches to the door or window frame and allows owners to remotely operate the door or window, as well as receive alerts when the door or window is open. An add-on product called the PetPass enables the SmartSlydr to automatically open and close the door for pets when you’re not at home.

Read our reviewMSRP:$499Best Prices Today:$499 at Wayzn

The device can also act as a lock even if the primary lock isn’t activated, allowing users to remotely secure their sliding doors and windows. Co-founder Shruti Ladani says the mechanism operates in a similar fashion to the power windows in a car.

SmartSlydr is a robotic opener for sliding doors and windows

Users can operate the SmartSlydr either by its companion mobile app or through a virtual assistant. All three major virtual assistants are supported: Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. A keychain remote is included with the package, allowing one-button control of the sliding glass door or window.

“SmartSlydr is more than just a home product,” Ladani says. “It’s a smart home solution created with a balanced fusion of a mechanical, hardware, and software design for your everyday needs.”

Users can set up a schedule to automatically open and close the door or window at a specified time. An away mode in the app allows users to close all windows and doors equipped with the device simultaneously.

While the device is available solely through the Lychee Things website, Ladani says they hope to build partnerships with large home improvement stores to sell them at retail.

Any traditional sliding glass door or window should be compatible with the SmartSlydr; however, you’ll need to ensure the door or window moves smoothly. While the motor inside the SmartSlydr is powerful, older sliding glass doors that don’t will not work well.

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