Tarotscopes: Astrological Tarot readings for all star signs as we enter month of Aries

Welcome to Aries season and to Spring finally springing. This month I’ve used the Mesquite Tarot by Bronwyn Walls and Alicia Fitz and there are themes of analysis and action, of taking steps towards the things we need or want and of learning about many aspects of our human condition.

As ever, take what resonates and leave what doesn’t – I recommend reading all of the signs, not just your own Sun sign, and integrating anything that feels useful into your month ahead. A nice little bonus this month is that if you do read all the way to the bottom, you’ll see this my Aries season discount code, if you’re thinking of getting in touch for a reading or to learn how to use the tarot for yourself. Either way, enjoy the tarotscopes and see you again in April.

Aries – 5 of Cups, 8 of Wands

Happy solar return month, Aries. If over the coming weeks you notice yourself wallowing a little, hankering after the past or bemoaning things which are lost or cannot be, it may be helpful to consider what that might close the door to in the present. It might be difficult to see in the moment, but these mental and emotional habits consume energy, just as anything we do does, and we can’t spend the same unit of energy twice, so it’s worth considering where you want to put yours. A stiff upper lip is not required but some intentionality could be beneficial.

When you shift your focus to the present, you may be surprised by the opportunities that present themselves, and the speed with which it is possible to act on them. Indeed, the maxim ‘strike while the iron is hot’ may be a useful one, if you find that your gut is on to something but you’re wavering. An arrow loosed skillfully in the right direction now has the potential to hit the bullseye, in ways which could serve you well.

Act wisely, remain present and be aware of what you are implicitly saying no to when you say yes to something else, and the coming month could be a very interesting one for you.

Taurus – Student of Pentacles

This is a month for discipline and mindfulness, Taurus. Discipline to keep doing the work you know you need to do, and mindfulness to make sure that the work you’re doing is taking you where you want to go. Avoid busywork, which feels satisfying and ticks the discipline box, but doesn’t actually get you any closer to your goals. You’re aiming for the sweet spot where getting stuff done meets tangible, meaningful progress – feeling tired but satisfied at the end of the day. Make sure to smell the roses on your way.

Gemini – The Moon

Reflection is your friend in the weeks ahead. Notice your internal experience: sensations, intuitions, feelings and thoughts. If journalling is something you find helpful, now is the time to use that tool. This is about paying attention to the subtle, the internal, the implicit, and allowing the information you gather to steep in your mind and your heart, so that it begins to paint a picture you wouldn’t otherwise see. If you go with this flow, you can expect to gain a new level of understanding over the coming month, Gemini.

Cancer – 3 of Pentacles

This month your team, your tools and your resources are all-important, Cancer. Take a look around you and if you’re missing anything in these areas, make time to address it. Whether this means fixing anything that isn’t working properly, changing a system or routine to better support your efforts, acquiring new ways or means for completing a task, rather than compromising with what you have, which isn’t quite right and might make things harder, you’re invited to do what’s necessary to get the important things moving well for you.

Leo – 7 of Arrows

Tarotscopes: Astrological Tarot readings for all star signs as we enter month of Aries

There is a Buddhist precept which is sometimes translated into English as ‘not taking the not freely given’. It’s a clunky phrase and I prefer ‘only take what is freely given’, but either way, it may be helpful for you to look for where its opposite might be showing up in your life at the moment Leo. Whether you are imposing on others, allowing them to impose on you or experiencing both in different areas, this is a good time to be tightening up your boundaries, to allow you to be responsible for you, and others to be responsible for them.

Virgo – Strength

Compassion and courage are your watchwords for this season. Fearlessness isn’t about not feeling afraid, but about doing what we consider to be right, good and true in spite of that. It requires us to explore our own fear, and that of others, no matter how unpleasantly expressed, with curiosity and kindness. That doesn’t mean that we have to accept behaviour that is unkind or disrespectful, but that if we speak to the fear, rather than the anger or hatred that expresses it, we may get closer to what matters. Good luck Virgo.

Libra – The Sun

In the Northern hemisphere, as the sun begins to bring enough heat to warm our bones, your task is a pleasant one Libra: to allow yourself to unfurl in its light, to loosen up, spread yourself wide open to its beauty. Think like a plant, turning its leaves to the sun, throwing up buds which will open into flowers and then bear fruit – where do you need to turn your leaves? What will help you to blossom? What fruit do you want to create? And then move towards the light and enjoy the process.

Scorpio – 10 of Cups

The ingredients for contentment can be difficult to define. To feel contented with our lot, we need to have enough to meet our needs, and to know what our ‘enough’ is. We need to feel fulfilled and to be living and working in alignment with our values. We need connection with our selves, others and the world around us. This month Scorpio, you could do worse than to reflect on where any of these elements may be lacking for you, and take action. Or to bask in the lovely feeling of contentment that having all of these needs met may bring!

Sagittarius – 5 of Pentacles

Difficulty and disappointment come to us all at times, and whether or not this is the case for you as you read this Sagittarius, you may find it helpful to consider your response to these sorts of challenge. Whether minor or life alteringly significant, these things have the potential to chip away at us or to help us grow – without muck, we have no compost, and without compost nothing can grow. This isn’t to trivialise trauma, but an encouragement to be prepared to learn from it – even if it’s simply by getting better at being kind to yourself.

Capricorn – 5 of Arrows

All or nothing thinking is an obstacle to happiness and in a negotiation, if one side walks away with everything they wanted, whilst the other leaves with little or nothing, the longer-term cost may not be worth the victory. If the problem is the enemy, then those facing even different sides of it can work together to solve it. If the other side is the enemy, the problem is no longer the focus and can become intractable. So approach any disagreement as an opportunity to put these ideas into practice and see what results you get, Capricorn…

Aquarius – 8 of Pentacles

Practice makes perfect is a cliché for a reason: it works! This month offers you an opportunity to experiment, to practice, to improve iteratively. Don’t be afraid of mistakes – we often learn far more about how to get something right, by getting it wrong first, so every failure brings you closer to success Aquarius. The key is being disciplined enough to keep working at it, in the face of less than perfect results – try and take the pressure off, lead with curiosity and a keenness to learn and you won’t go far wrong.

Pisces – The Chariot

Seize the moment Pisces! If you’ve been hesitating about taking action on something you know you need or want to do, now is the time. This is your season for initiating action, gaining momentum and finding your way over obstacles with ease. It’s about mindset, but also about taking the opportunities that come your way and running with them. Not without discernment, but if something is a good fit and you have the chance to do it, then don’t procrastinate or become your own obstacle – stride forth!

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