The best dry shampoo hacks

1. What’s the best way to apply dry shampoo?

You can have fabulous hair in just four, easy steps!

2. Can I use dry shampoo as a touch up throughout the day?

If you just want a quick touch up, you can also choose to spray your dry shampoo onto a brush and comb through.

3. Should I spray before or after a workout?

It’s definitely better to spray after exercise - it won’t even look like you worked out! If you have a ponytail or bun kink after your workout, dry shampoo can help to style your hair to disguise this and refresh your hair.

4. Can I spray dry shampoo before I go to bed?

Absolutely! The benefit of using dry shampoo before bedtime is that it can absorb oils while you sleep. The more time it has to work, the better. You’ll wake up with cleaner feeling hair, saving you time in the morning. Plus, you will be able to style your hair more quickly in the morning too. So less time in the bathroom and more time looking glam.

The best dry shampoo hacks

5. How long can you really rely on dry shampoo before giving it a wash?

An optimum hair care routine consists of washing your hair one to two times per week, which means you can use dry shampoo for three or four consecutive days. You shouldn’t need to wash your hair more than twice (three times max if you have really oily hair) as you want to preserve the natural oils that maintain healthy hair.

6. Is there a limit to how many times I should use it in a week?

As long as you stick to your one to two wet washes a week, there’s no limit to how often you can use dry shampoo.

7. Should I use a hairdryer after spraying?

It’s not necessary as dry shampoo should be applied to dry hair, however, heat styling tools such as a curler or straightener are great to use if you want extra shape and styling. Dry shampoo can also extend the days after a blow dry, waves and curls, and provide extra volume to straightened hair.

8. Do you have any styling tips for big events?

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