The Best Places to Buy Blinds Online in 2022


Whether you’re looking to block light or get some privacy, blinds and shades can be a final touch that completes a room. Choices range in size, style, and material, so it’s essential to take measurements and consider design preferences before making a purchase.

The best places to buy blinds online offer plenty of options, so it can be easy to find the perfect window treatments that add a stylish and functional finish to your home. Get started with the following popular retailers.


1. The Home Depot

Known for: Shoppers can count on The Home Depot for supplying a large selection of products at a good value, making it simple to choose blinds from a variety of options. Price: $ – $$$ Editors’ Choice: Well suited to just about any window, Levolor’s faux-wood blinds (available at The Home Depot) are customizable with a vast range of colors and sizes and a variety of options for mounting and opening mechanisms.

As a large home improvement center, The Home Depot carries a wide range of window treatments in their stores but even more online. The blind selection includes various types, including cordless, motorized, cellular, and vertical, all of which can be cut to size inside the store. Blinds can be ordered online for delivery or to be picked up at your local store.

The store’s wide selection means an option for every budget, and regular sales can make selections more affordable. The only drawback is that unlimited choices can make it challenging to choose. However, their online navigation lets users narrow it down by material, style, and price.

If measuring and installing blinds on your own feels overwhelming, The Home Depot offers phone support. Custom-designed blinds and professional installation are available by scheduling an in-home appointment with the store’s home service department.

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2. Lowe’s

Known for: Lowe’s is a go-to for blinds due to its wide range of in-stock choices and custom options. Price: $ – $$$ Editors’ Choice: These Allen & Roth cordless, faux wood, room-darkening blinds (available at Lowe’s) are offered in stock and come in 14 different lengths to suit most window sizes.

Like other big home improvement centers, Lowe’s has a wide selection of blinds available in every price range, which can be shipped or picked up at the store. Users can select from plenty of in-stock selections or customizable options, the latter of which is ideal for non-standard window sizes and specific preferences.

To help narrow down the options, users can navigate by style, color, width, length, material, price, light-filtering, and more. If you still can’t decide, Lowe’s will ship up to 10 free swatches. For those who want additional support, the store offers measurement and installation services.

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Known for: Plenty of options combined with responsive customer service and a simple interface make ordering from a simple process. Price: $ – $$$ Editors’ Choice: One of the site’s most popular products, 2-inch Faux Wood Blinds (available on offers the look of wood but with a durable and water-resistant material and is available in various colors in either corded or cordless.

A major player in the blinds-selling market, boasts 20 years online and 20 million blinds sold. The Home Depot owns the company, so it carries as many selections as its big-box retailer parent and also offers its own line of blinds. There are frequent promotions running on their site, so buyers can usually find options to suit any budget.

What sets the site apart is its customer service. Shoppers looking for design ideas can peruse the site’s blog and inspiration tips or take advantage of’s free online design consultation. The clean site navigation allows users to search by room, brand, feature, or purpose to narrow down their choices. offers in-home measurement and installation through The Home Depot’s network of professional installers for a set fee.

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4. Wayfair

Known for: A favorite of many design enthusiasts, Wayfair offers stylish products for every budget, including a nice selection of window coverings. Price: $ – $$$ Editors’ Choice: Available in four colors and a multitude of sizes, this Deluxe Room Darkening Horizontal/Venetian Blind by Symple Stuff (available on is a solid option for shoppers looking for a cordless blind that includes a decorative crown valance.

Shoppers who want to buy their curtains, blinds, and accessories all in one click will appreciate Wayfair’s extensive array of design finishes. They don’t specialize in blinds, so the selection is more limited than big-box retailers, but there are still plenty of options available. Wayfair’s products tend to be from lesser-known sellers, so the quality can vary across brands.

Users can search blinds by type and filter selections by size, color, mounting location, light filtration, features, and more. For those who want a little extra help, Wayfair offers a hotline for shopping assistance and expert installation, which can be added to a shopping cart at checkout.

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The Best Places to Buy Blinds Online in 2022


Known for: Revered first for its affordable furniture, IKEA is also loved for its modern interior design items, home accessories, and eco-friendly products. Price: $$ – $$$ Editors’ Choice: Modern and simple, the Hoppvals room-darkening, cordless cellular blinds (available at IKEA) offer a simple design in three colors and eight standard sizes.

Founded in Sweden in 1943 by a 17-year-old, IKEA is now the world’s largest furniture retailer with 445 stores globally. Recognized for its Scandinavian style, the store sells everything from kitchen cabinets to meatballs. Its selection of blinds is minimal, but the simple and affordable selections are a good choice for modern homes. Options include roller, Roman, cellular, or pleated and are available in standard sizes and neutral colors. Ordering online will save shoppers the time spent navigating the aisles of the company’s huge stores.

IKEA also is known for its complicated furniture assembly, but most of its blinds come easy to install out of the box. There is no option for cutting or installation, so users will have to fend for themselves.

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6. Amazon

Known for: Amazon Prime’s 1-day shipping option makes shopping convenient for those who need affordable blinds fast. Price: $ – $$$ Editors’ Choice: Good for use in any room of the house, these standard cordless 1-inch vinyl mini blinds by Chicology (available on Amazon) are available in three colors and a seemingly endless range of sizes.

As the top e-commerce platform in the country, Amazon is sure to pop up on any online shopping search. With the site’s most significant benefit being low prices and quick shipping, it is a natural go-to for last-minute shopping. Buyers can track deliveries online or easily cancel the delivery.

Its extensive selection of blinds can be narrowed by brand, size, price, style, material, and cord type. The site also will give side-by-side comparisons between similar products. Quality will vary from seller to seller, but reviews will provide shoppers a good idea of where to start.

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7. JCPenney

Known for: A longtime retailer of clothes and accessories, JCPenney also has a pretty extensive home department featuring a solid variety of window treatments. Price: $ – $$$ Editors’ Choice: For those looking for a vertical blind, this vinyl option from Bali (available on is available in seven colors and can be customized to fit any size window.

In recent years, this large retailer has closed many stores, so shopping at is convenient for those who don’t have a nearby location. Their collection of blinds is not as extensive as other retailers, but they carry plenty of choices, including wood and faux wood, cellular, vertical, Roman, and roller options.

Site visitors can search by light filtration, color, control types, installation type, material, and more. Shoppers can make custom selections online, but the company no longer offers in-home design consultation and installation. Once purchased, the blinds can be shipped to your door or picked up in a nearby store.

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8. The Shade Store

Known for: Fans love The Shade Store for its high-end materials and quality customer service. Price: $ – $$$ Editors’ Choice: These 2-Inch Basic Wood Blinds (available at are anything but basic, with four authentic, sustainable wood options and 41 finishes.

The Shade Store was founded with the goal of offering customers a simple alternative to an often otherwise difficult shopping experience. The company’s high-end products don’t come at a low cost, but there are plenty of customer perks. Shoppers can request a free professional measurement or get help from a designer.

Consultations are available in the company’s showrooms or virtually on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. For quick questions, the website has a chat option that lets users talk to designers in real time. For buyers who accidentally ordered the wrong size, the company will cut it down at no charge or offer a replacement at 50 percent off.

The site offers a large selection of blinds made from sustainably sourced real wood. There are more than 70 finishes available in seven collections. To help with selection, The Shade Store will send customers unlimited free samples.

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9. Blindsonline

Known for: Marketed as a discount blind retailer, offers custom products at an affordable price point. Price: $ – $$ Editors’ Choice: These affordable white 2-inch wood blinds (available at are made from basswood and can be customized to fit any size window. is a no-frills discount blind retailer best for those looking for economy-priced options and a DIY experience. There is no option for in-home measurement or installation, but users can call customer service with design questions and for help placing an order.

The company’s website is nothing fancy but can be easily searched by blind type, including cordless, faux wood, wood, mini blinds, and more. Most of the options sold on the site are the company’s own brand. Once shoppers place an item in their cart, they can customize their selection by inputting mounting type, color, and size requests.

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10. Smith & Noble

Known for: Smith & Noble offers simple products with good-quality craftsmanship at midrange prices. Price: $$ – $$$ Editors’ Choice: The company’s wood blinds (available from are sure to warm up any room. They are available in various colors and finishes with 1⅜-, 2-, and 2½-inch slat sizes.

Headquartered in California, Smith & Noble has been in business for more than 30 years and has covered more than 8 million windows. Their goal is to offer high-quality window treatments at a good value. Customers who get overwhelmed by choices may love that the company only offers two standard blinds in wood and faux wood that are available in varying widths and heights.

Depending on where you live, Smith & Noble offers home visits where they’ll bring free samples, measure your windows, and help you place your order. Your designer will even show up to oversee the installation appointment. For areas where home consultations aren’t possible, the company offers video chats and phone support.

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11. Bed Bath & Beyond

Known for: Whether you’re stocking a college dorm room or decorating a home, Bed Bath & Beyond always seems to have what you need. Price: $ – $$$ Editors’ Choice: These faux-wood cordless blinds by Real Simple (available at are an excellent choice for customers looking for a clean and modern look.

Bed Bath & Beyond has been around for more than 50 years selling everything from towels and toothbrushes to shower curtains and window treatments. It may not be an obvious first choice for blind shopping, but they have a good selection of both modern and traditional styles that can be sorted by color, size, type, light filtration, and rating.

There are choices to suit any style in every price range. Purchases can be picked up at a nearby store or sent directly to your home. Customers are on their own for design and installation, so this seller is best for DIYers.

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