The Best Window Brands of 2022


Installing or replacing a home’s windows is a big project, and it’s an important one to get right. Finding high-quality windows is crucial; windows protect your home from the elements, break-ins, and property damage. Successful installation and long-lasting performance starts with the windows themselves.

New windows are a considerable investment, so it’s usually a safe choice to select windows from one of the best window brands. Not only will you get a reliable (and usually warranty-backed) product, but studies show there is a high return on investment for new, high-quality windows.

Windows come in all kinds of sizes, shapes, types, and styles. Whether you’re getting new windows for aesthetic improvements, for easier maintenance, or for energy-saving benefits, there’s a window out there that will be a good match for your home. The best window brands ahead have established and proven their reputations for making well-constructed and dependable windows.

1. Andersen Windows


About the Brand: Andersen Windows is a leading brand in the fenestration industry and carries a wide range of products in addition to windows.

Price Range: $$ to $$$$$

Founded more than a century ago, Andersen Windows is one of the most well-regarded names in the fenestration industry. The company started as a lumber business and has now grown into one of the top window brands nationwide. It carries a wide range of products, including windows, doors, skylights, and more.

The brand’s headquarters is in Minnesota, but it has manufacturing sites across North America and Europe. Its sites manufacture windows for a range of customers, from standard windows for DIYers to architectural-grade options for commercial contractors.

Besides creating beautiful windows, Andersen Windows also has a reputation for excellent customer service. Shoppers can choose from quality products made for replacing windows or for outfitting new builds of homes or commercial spaces, and all are backed by warranties.

Top Product:

Andersen 400 Series Double Hung Wood Window with White Exterior: The Andersen Windows 400 Series Double Hung Wood Window with White Exterior is one of the brand’s premium picks. It has a clad wood design and a timeless look. Get the 400 Series Double Hung Wood Window with White Exterior at The Home Depot for $455.00.

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2. Pella


About the Brand: Pella is an affordable and innovative window maker with more than 150 patents and a huge variety of window types.

Price Range: $ to $$$

Pella is a widely known window and door company with an excellent reputation for beautiful windows. Since 1925, the brand has been innovating and building windows to help create dream homes. Pella has more than 150 patents under its belt—a sign that it’s always creating new features for better windows.

Offering a huge variety of window types, Pella’s products range from simple standard windows to luxurious styles. The brand is based in Pella, Iowa, and builds, sells, installs, and services its many products. Many of its collections strike a balance between affordability and style, offering aesthetically beautiful windows that won’t break the bank. Windows are backed by excellent warranties, and if you aren’t sold yet, you can request a free in-home consultation or visit one of more than 200 showrooms across the nation to view windows in person.

Top Product:

Pella 150 Series Vinyl Replacement White Double Hung Window: This window is an affordable but stylish choice that features the brand’s EnduraGuard wood protection formula to better guard against moisture, termites, and decay. Get the Pella 150 Series Vinyl Replacement White Double Hung Window at Lowe’s for $208.

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3.Milgard Windows & Doors


About the Brand: Milgard is a start-to-finish window and door manufacturer that makes its own components, ensuring quality through every step of the process .

Price Range: $ to $$$$

Founded in 1958, Milgard Windows & Doors has over 50 years of window and door manufacturing under its belt. The brand doesn’t rely on partner companies to create its windows: Milgard makes its own glass units and vinyl components instead of outsourcing the task. This means it can control the whole manufacturing process from start to finish, which means the brand can assure quality at every step. The brand offers a generous warranty on most products to prioritize the customer experience.

Milgard has a decent range of products, with windows made from vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum to suit different home styles and budgets. The brand doesn’t sell directly to consumers though, so you’ll need to find a local certified dealer for buying or installing new Milgard windows.

Top Product:

Milgard Tuscany Series Horizontal Slider Window: Made with the brand’s signature vinyl formula, this window from Milgard Windows & Doors offers excellent weatherability and performance. Get the Milgard Tuscany Series Horizontal Slider Window at The Home Depot (price quoted during consultation).

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4.Simonton Windows & Doors


About the Brand: Simonton is known for creating energy-conscious windows that all meet Energy Star guidelines.

Price Range: $ to $$$$

Simonton Windows & Doors, now owned by Ply Gem Holdings, creates energy-efficient vinyl windows in timeless styles. Founded in Pennsboro, West Virginia, in 1946, the brand started out creating exterior aluminum products. Sensing a need for more energy-efficient vinyl windows, the brand made the shift to creating energy-conscious windows in the 1980s—and that’s its bread and butter today.

Simonton has 12 window and patio door lines, each with its own structural and stylistic flair, but they all have one feature in common: they meet Energy Star guidelines. This commitment to energy efficiency makes Simonton windows an excellent choice for eco-conscious households and for those who want to save on their utilities bill. Simonton works with The Home Depot and local Simonton dealers and distributors to distribute and install windows.

Top Product:

Simonton Vinyl Slider Window: The Simonton Vinyl Slider Window is a simple and classic pick that features Simonton’s energy-efficient vinyl construction. Get the Simonton Vinyl Slider Window at The Home Depot (price quoted during consultation).

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5. Alside


About the Brand: Alside provides custom windows, siding, gutters, and patio doors, and it operates more than 100 company-owned supply centers across the U.S.

Price Range: Prices are based on distributor quotes.

The Best Window Brands of 2022

Windows are just one of Alside’s offerings. Founded in 1947, the brand has several decades of experience in the exterior building products industry, providing siding, gutters, windows, and patio doors to homes nationwide. The company now operates more than 100 company-owned supply centers across the United States.

The brand offers new-construction custom windows, vinyl replacement windows, and sliding patio doors. Its selection includes several popular window types, including double-hung, casement, and bay windows. For the best fit, the brand offers custom-made window options. Its products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty that guarantees performance for the lifetime of the product.

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About the Brand: JELD-WEN is a worldwide energy-efficient window and door manufacturer with 117 manufacturing facilities across 19 countries.

Price Range: $ to $$$$

JELD-WEN made its start in Oregon in 1960, but it’s now based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. The full-service company is a leading manufacturer in the window industry, expanding outward to bring windows worldwide. The brand has 117 manufacturing facilities across 19 countries, which are mainly located in North America, Europe, and Australia.

JELD-WEN offers replacement and new construction windows in a range of styles, from budget-friendly vinyl replacement windows to custom wood builds. The brand also has several affordable, entry-level options available at national retailers like The Home Depot and Lowe’s. Its windows balance excellent performance, energy efficiency, and durability with accessible and beautiful styles to suit many homes.

Top Product:

JELD-WEN V-2500 Series White Left-Hand Vinyl Sliding Window: This vinyl window has a simple modern aesthetic made with energy-efficient Low-E coated glass for better energy savings. Get the JELD-WEN V-2500 Series White Left-Hand Vinyl Sliding Window at Lowe’s for $163.23.

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7. Marvin


About the Brand: Marvin has been a manufacturer of stylish and elegant windows, doors and skylights for over 100 years.

Price Range: $$ to $$$$

Marvin creates beautiful windows inspired by daily living. Founded in 1912, the family-owned company started as a cedar and lumber company. Through the last century, it has built its favorable reputation as a high-quality window and door manufacturer.

The brand’s three window lines range from the more basic Essential selection to the flexible Signature collection, each with elegant and on-trend window styles to elevate a home’s appearance. In case you’re doing a big reno, the brand also offers skylights and exterior and interior doors.

The brand doesn’t sell direct to consumers, so shoppers will need to contact a local distributor. As a top window brand, Marvin has several local dealers (some with showrooms), including a few international dealers, and excellent consumer-focused warranties.

Find where to shop for Marvin window products near you.

8. Loewen


About the Brand: Loewen is a luxury window and door manufacturer that prides itself on creating one-of-a-kind windows with a focus on aesthetics and quality.

Price Range: Prices are based on distributor quotes.

Loewen’s windows are a luxurious choice, ideal for those looking for a premium window product. What started as a small lumberyard and sawmill in 1905 has now ballooned into Loewen today: a top window and door manufacturer.

The brand creates incredible styles and one-of-a-kind offerings, with a focus on aesthetics and quality. Working with expert artisans, Loewen prides itself on creating handcrafted and enduring windows and doors for the luxury architectural market both locally and internationally.

The brand’s products are made with solid wood makeups, not veneers. These premium products come at a higher price range, and shoppers will need to work with local dealers to find the best fit for each home.

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9. Ply Gem Windows & Doors


About the Brand: Ply Gem makes a range of high-quality fenestration products in addition to vinyl siding, metal accessories, doors, and home accents, and it’s been in business for over 75 years.

Price Range: $ to $$$

Ply Gem is another major manufacturer of windows and doors, creating a wide range of products for protecting and beautifying a home. The manufacturer has been in business for more than 75 years, supplying dependable and classically stylish windows and more to homes.

Beyond several styles of windows, the brand has an excellent portfolio for vinyl siding, metal accessories, fences and railings, gutters, doors, and home accents. Ply Gem creates replacement and new-construction windows in traditional to modern styles and in vinyl, wood clad, wood composite, and aluminum—many with energy-efficient features and backed by industry-leading warranties.

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10. PGT Custom Windows & Doors


About the Brand: PGT manufactures protective, impact-resistant windows for storm- and hurricane-prone locations.

Price Range: Prices are based on distributor quotes.

Windows protect your home from the elements, and in storm- and hurricane-prone areas, good windows are a matter of safety as well as style. PGT Windows boasts an attractive and reliable selection of impact-resistant products to protect families.

With its expertise in impact-resistant windows, the brand partnered with officials in hurricane-prone Florida to help write window code requirements. PGT Windows holds the most Miami-Dade certifications in the industry, which is a sign that it makes the best windows and doors for bad weather conditions.

This expertise is behind the brand’s excellent reputation for creating hurricane-resistant, impact-resistant, and energy-efficient vinyl and aluminum windows. PGT Windows also manufactures non-impact products for those who just need standard, stylish options.

Find where to shop for PGT windows near you.

11. Atrium Windows and Doors


About the Brand: Atrium is a popular window and door manufacturer for new builds and renovations, and it sells its products through builders, architects and contractors.

Price Range: Prices are based on distributor quotes.

Atrium Windows and Doors is another brand with decades of window manufacturing experience under its belt. Since 1946, the brand has produced millions of products, which have been installed in homes across the country. Atrium offers windows and doors for new constructions and renovations, with low-, mid-, and high-end choices to fit any budget. The brand has a full lineup of vinyl windows, from simple double-hung windows to large bay windows.

The brand is based out of North Carolina but has a window-producing location in Dallas, Texas. It doesn’t sell directly to consumers, so shoppers will have to seek out Atrium windows from authorized installers. Since the brand sells through builders, contractors, and architects, its windows are a popular choice for new developments.

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12. Harvey Windows & Doors


About the Brand: Harvey Windows & Doors is a wholesale window and door distributor that’s been in business since 1961 and sells its high-quality products through its line of distributors.

Price Range: $$ to $$$

Harvey Windows & Doors has supplied contractors and builders with windows since 1961. While the brand is a bit younger than many other popular brands, it has built an excellent relationship of trust within those decades, both with homeowners and with contractors. The brand doesn’t sell to retail shoppers, so homeowners will have to get in touch with a local distributor to walk through the selections for the best windows and doors for their home.

Harvey manufactures an array of window styles in vinyl and wood. All Harvey window products are made in the United States, and if there are any window hiccups, customers can contact the U.S.-based support team. The brand carries several collections, along with custom and designer options, all designed in-house and tested in the on-site testing lab. Each window is made to withstand the elements and keep homes energy efficient regardless of frigid winters orhot summers.

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How We Chose the Best Window Brands

Choosing new windows can feel overwhelming, and since it’s such an important and expensive purchase, it’s even more important to find the best choice for your home. We chose the best window brands on our list according to a few criteria: brand reputation, warranty offerings, and selection.

When it comes to windows, brand names have a meaning. Well-known and well-regarded window brands have earned their reputation by creating consistent products. The best window companies on this list have been in business for decades—some for more than a century. This means they also have ample experience in the field, and shoppers can expect a suitable level of quality from these established top window brands.

Window brands with generous warranties were also prioritized on our list. The best window companies will offer a warranty on their product, and a good warranty is a sign that the brand stands behind its windows. Lastly, we considered product selection and included brands with a wide range of products, in various styles and sizes, and ranging from affordable to luxurious.