The proven strength and performance of Crimsafe screens

A lot goes into making our screens stronger than the competition, because there’s a lot at stake when it comes to protecting the people and the home you love. Crimsafe security screens are stronger than any of current competitors and all our products have significantly outperformed the impact levels required by Australian Standards. Crimsafe also passes Australian Standards for jemmy testing, pull-testing and Knife-Shear testing.

The chart below shows how Crimsafe performed in carefully controlled testing against other screens. Be aware that whilst some competitors do meet the Australian Standard of the ‘Dynamic Impact Test’, the benchmark of ‘5×100 joule impacts’ is actually pretty low. In fact each impact is only equivalent to that of a 45kg child running into a screen! That’s why we set the bar much higher for Crimsafe screens.

You might be wondering exactly what is it that makes Crimsafe so tough and durable? Let’s take a closer look at some of the carefully engineered technologies that go into the design and manufacture of every Crimsafe screen.

The proven strength and performance of Crimsafe screens

Our patented Screw-clamp™ system

Other brands just use plastic wedges, pop-rivets or even glue(!) to hold mesh into their frames, whereas our unique Screw-clamp™ technology means our mesh is physically screwed into the frame and clamped down with a vice-like grip. When hit by an impact such as a kick, this technology spreads the load around the entire frame and back into the structure of the building, meaning it can resist enormous forces. Especially compared to inferior plastic wedges or pop-rivets that only localise the impact, making them relatively easy to kick through.

Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff® mesh

Obviously security screens have come a long way since old-style ‘Diamond-mesh’ screens that were not only an eye-sore, but often lacked strength when and where it mattered most. These days, security ‘mesh’ offers substantial benefits, however it’s important to understand that all mesh products are not equal. In fact, they can be dramatically different in terms of performance.

Crimsafe’s patented Tensile-Tuff® mesh is made using superior 0.9mm diameter 304 structural grade stainless steel wire strands. Sure, it’s a mouthful but it’s worth taking a moment to understand the difference between this material and cheap mesh imitations. When compared to 0.8mm 316 grade wire, Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff® is 26.5% thicker in cross-section, which assists its ability to absorb impact energy better at high tensile levels, making it more appropriate for safety applications. The 0.9mm 304 grade mesh means it also passes the Knife Shear test.

To find out more about Crimsafe’s superior strength, check out Crimsafe Testing Results here.