The reason your house is infested with flies and how to get rid of them

With summer comes warmer weather, longer days, time spent at the beach, but also an increase in flies in the house.

Thankfully, you're not alone in this struggle, as the house fly's life cycle places these summer months as the quickest transition time from maggot to fly.

House flies are one of the most common insects on the planet and exist everywhere that people do.

So why are they in your house, and how can you get rid of them?

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The ecosystem of a fly is not particular, they breed on any waste or decaying organic matter.

The reason your house is infested with flies and how to get rid of them

That may mean that people who live closer to fields, farms, and manure will see a greater increase in the fly population, however, it is not a problem that is exclusive to the countryside.

Flies in your house do not mean your house on a whole is dirty, but it does mean there could be materials that attract the flies into the house to lay their eggs.

Things like leaving a dirty plate in the sink, not frequently emptying your bin, or leaving your food waste bin accessible can all make your house heaven for a fly.

Additionally, having animal waste in your garden, or their food bowl constantly left out can also attract flies into your home.

Preventative methods are always helpful, such as closing windows and doors, however in the summer months that isn't always possible. To tackle this you can install screens to ensure you have ventilation without letting them into your home.

Other methods such as ensuring any washing up is completed straight away, and emptying your food and general waste frequently can also take away the allure of your home to flies.

There are fly sprays available, however they generally tend to be unpleasant smelling and temporary. Fly sprays will deal with the immediate issue if you're in a pinch, but within a few hours the problem will return.

You can make a natural trap by mixing water, dish soap, and apple cider vinegar in a glass. Then, cover the glass with cling film and poke small holes for the flies to enter. The flies will be poisoned by the solution when drinking. This method is also very effective for fruit flies.

Or, you can invest in a fly zapper that will kill any flying pests in your home. Be sure to put this near an entrance and away from the kitchen to avoid any remains making their way into your dinner.

Do you have any tips for keeping flies our of your home? Leave them in the comments below.