Tornado survivors struggle with inflation, supply chain issues amid rebuild process

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Widespread supply chain issues have led to significant delays in home renovation projects.

Everything from fixtures and appliances to windows and doors, and of course raw materials like lumber.

”Lumber kind of went back down after the COVID, but now it’s back up. Garage doors have doubled in price. Electrical, I think, has gone up 25 percent. Garage doors have doubled in price. Everybody hears about the lumber, but it’s all the other stuff that’s really adding to it,” said Brian Miller, Owner of Brian Miller Contracting.” My electrician that use to charge four dollars a square foot is charging five dollars a square foot now because wires went up and all the electrical breakers, plugs and switches, just everything across the board has increased on them.”

Homeowners are even having trouble finding reputable contractors.

“Currently in the process of rebuilding, but its really difficult right now trying to find people who could build the house, you know. Every builder comes with a different price,” said Godfrey Hamisi, home was destroyed in Bowling Green’s December tornadoes. “We lived in that house up until the tornado hit. We lost completely almost everything.”

Tornado survivors struggle with inflation, supply chain issues amid rebuild process

Godfrey and his family of 10 moved to Bowling Green in 2010 as refugees from the Congo.

They’ve spent more than the last decade calling Bowling Green home.

“Right around 2015 is when my parents bought the house. They bought their first house in 2015, which was their dream, having a house,” Hamisi said.

Godfrey says his family’s hearts were broken after the tornadoes ravaged everything they’ve worked so hard for and the rebuilding process hasn’t been easy.

“We had to start from scratch. We’re glad with the neighborhood that we have in Bowling Green who have helped us out with food, clothing, shelter,” Hamisi said.

Miller says when seeking out a contractor, make sure to check their references and make sure they have insurance.

“Insurance is very important. If someone is working on your house and they get hurt and they don’t have insurance, that can come back on you,” Miller said.

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