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The Raya Lucaria Academy holds many key items and characters. You'll most likely face your second demigod boss in Elden Ring here. This location also holds a key item for Ranni's questline. The Raya Lucaria Academy is smack dab in the middle of Liurnia of The Lakes, but is blocked off by a glowing sealed gate past a bunch of enemies.

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Academy Gate Town is the closest Site of Grace to this legacy dungeon. Going towards the large fortress you see on the map, you'll find a Golden Seed along the way. There will be guard enemies in the way of you accessing the gate to Raya Lucaria Academy. By killing them and walking up the road, you'll get the South Raya Lucaria Gate Site of Grace. But there's a catch, the door is sealed off by magic.


Getting The Glintstone Key And Entering The Academy

Finding the key that opens this seal requires taking on a dragon. Or sneaking past one and running away, whatever suits your fancy. You can always finish him off later.

Directly Northwest of the legacy dungeon is a smaller formation of rocks where a dragon will be sleeping. Behind it are the Academy Glintstone Key, some throwing knives, and dragonwound grease. You can charge in with your horse, grab them, and leave. Or you can face the boss.

Now you can go back to the South Raya Lucaria Gate and examine the seal. You don't actually open or unlock the gate, but instead, get teleported to the Main Academy Gate Site of Grace. Here, you can teleport back to the south gate or teleport across the broken bridge to the next map. To move into the legacy dungeon, you must go down the lift in front of the grace. Then you'll enter the magical academy.

Almost all enemies inside this dungeon do ranged magic damage. They love the Glintstone pebble.

If you're not a ranged class, you have to rush these enemies head-on and smack them a couple of times, so they don't get the chance to use ranged on you. Your first encounter will be with two mages atop some stairs. With a sword or your own magic, you should be able to take them out quickly.

Inside the academy, however, it starts to get tricky. If you're doing melee damage, you'll want a weapon that attacks relatively fast, so that the mages have no time to cast spells.

Entering The Academy

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Directly in front of you, a mage is visible. Use target lock and be wary. There are spinning melee enemies that will drop down from the ceiling as you enter. Your best bet is to lure them out instead of rushing in to kill the mage. By rushing in to deal with the mage, you'll be bombarded by the other enemies. To your left is the next Site of Grace, the Church of the Cuckoo.

A summoning pool statue is at the door.

Through the next door, you'll enter a graveyard where corpses that grab you and suck your life and FP are your next problem. As you go for the only corpse you see, another will lunge at you from your right. There will be around two further down, but killing them triggers even more enemies to erupt from the ground, so be prepared.

As you walk across the bridge, two more will spawn behind you. They won't follow you if you keep going, but you may want to deal with them because you'll be cornered otherwise. As you get to the end of the bridge, there will be more corpses and a dog and an archer in your way. You can back up and take care of the dog first since it's faster than the rest. Continuing up the graveyard you'll bump into more corpses and some dogs.

If this area is causing you trouble, you can always run past all enemies just to get to the next area and come back later.

While moving forward, you'll find yourself in an area with a moving mechanism to your right and what seems like an obvious boss battle up some stairs. However, this is not a boss battle. A relatively strong enemy appears, and some loot is available near the back. This is all optional, as you're meant to jump on the mechanism moving the platforms upward. Wait for a platform, jump on it, and wait until you see another area to jump off on. The enemies in this location are very weak. The Schoolhouse Classroom Site of Grace is in the building.

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Academy Halls

Fortunately, you won't get bombarded by enemies here. The issue, however, is all of them doing ranged attacks at the same time. You can see a mage walking past the door already, lure them into the room and kill them. To the left is some loot. To the right are two mages not paying attention.

If you're playing with a friend, you can both take a mage each and sneak upon them. Otherwise, rush in with brute force.

www.thegamer.com Elden Ring: Raya Lucaria Academy Legacy Dungeon Guide

Up the stairs are four mages and a sleeping, large pot that wakes up a bit after passing near it. If you have range, it's best to kill what you can from the steps. You can't lure these mages since they stick to being far away and dealing magic damage, so you'll have to run in there once again. If you stumble too much, some mages above more stairs will target you as well and then the pot will wake up. This is a recipe for disaster.

Make sure not to go near the next flight of stairs as to not aggro more mages. When the large pot enemy gets up, you're better off luring him down the steps and finishing him off away from the mages.

Where the pot was sitting, there is a locked door. You'll be able to open it via a hidden path soon. For now, go up the next flight of stairs. There is one stronger mage in front of you, a mage to the right, and a mage behind on the third flight of stairs. You can't sneak up on the two mages in front of you because the one above and behind is facing them and will see you. Again, you'll want to brute force it and protect yourself from the projectiles.

Above the third flight of stairs is where the fog wall to a boss is. Before going through, though, you may want to find the hidden path.

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Hidden Path

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It's one of the bookshelves to the left when you go up the stairs. You may already see messages from other players saying where it is. Inside is a treasure chest with a spell in it and a Stonesword key behind it.

Also, there's a ladder in this room. If you climb up it, turn right, and go down, you can jump off the railing. Keep jumping down, and you'll enter a secret room with more loot. Be wary, as there are tiny pot enemies sleeping in every corner. Collect the item and to the right is the previously locked door.

Red Wolf of Radagon And The Debate Parlor

This is a magical wolf boss that is relatively easy to take down, as it's not even the main boss of this legacy dungeon. The Red Wolf is weak to magic damage.

After you've defeated him, you'll gain access to the Debate Parlor Site of Grace and a new area outside. There is a summoning pool statue within the short hall. This next section is a relatively large area with excessive amounts of loot. There is a Golden Seed back behind the bridge, but you'll have to come back and explore every nook and cranny since there's so much.

There are some key items on the rooftops in this section that will allow you to complete Sorcerer Thops quest at the Church of Irith. Doing so then further allows you to enter the Converted Fringe Tower later on.

Rooftops Of The Academy

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The rooftops can seem like a maze, with a lot of loot scattered around. To get the items needed for Sorcerer Thops and the Converted Fringe tower, continue reading. If not, move on to the section Reaching The Final Boss.

To access the rooftops, you must go directly left and up the mostly broken staircase. It's better to kill all the enemies in this area to ensure you can safely travel to the roofs. Kill the mages first. Up the stairs, where two mages previously were, there's a locked door. This is a shortcut access that you'll unlock when you go to the boss. To your left, you'll want to jump over the railing and then jump down. Directly behind you will be a mage you'll want to take out quickly. The door below gains access to a shortcut.

Up the stairs is another mage. This is then where you'll want to jump down onto the rooftops. There will be two of those mechanical spinning enemies there. Take them out quickly before they can start going nuts and staggering you. Go up to the ladder on your right and then be wary. You can see a mage down the path, but target locking will reveal there are enemies above, waiting to drop down on you. There are two flying imps perched above the mage. You can bait and lure out the first one, as it's closer to you, then you can do the same for the second one.

Past these enemies, go right and then fall. Continue going down rooftops to the right and then forward, where another mechanical enemy will be. You can kill him or simply ignore him and drop down one more time.

General advice: If it looks like you have to run and jump something, you'll probably die, and it isn't a path.

Turn right, and you'll see a building with multiple windows and a mechanical enemy patrolling. There's another one on the other side. Whichever side you choose, the side windows are completely open for you to walk into. You can do this without spending time killing the enemies, as they can't enter.

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Once inside this cathedral, look down. There's an item on the first chandelier. Safely parkour down there. This is the extra Academy Glintstone Key for Sorcerer Thops. Returning to him rewards you with a gesture.

Crystallized Crab

This gifted gesture paired with another item is the key to entering the Converted Fringe Tower. This other item is a drop from a special crab hidden in the outside courtyard, so you'll want to go all the way back to the Debate Parlor spawn point. From there, go straight and under the bridge. To the very left corner, there's a glowing, small blue crab hiding in some bushes. He doesn't bite. Kill him for a Glintstone Crown drop. These are all you need to move forward in the tower.

Reaching The Final Boss

From the Debate Parlor Site of Grace, you'll want to keep to the right. You'll be able to jump down onto a platform and gain access to the long winding staircase. This is where you want to be careful, as large metal balls will start spawning and going down the staircase.

Unlike other dropping boulders you've come across, these don't specifically hone in on you. They follow the same path every drop, allowing you to run through strategically without instant death. When the boulder drops, it hits the right railing, the left, and then the right again. Stay in the middle of the staircase, memorize what side it keeps going to, and run and dodge to the opposite side.

Past the staircase, you'll notice a portal to your right. This teleports you back to the lakes. Straight ahead is an NPC invasion, so be prepared. When you defeat the NPC, make sure to run to the left and unlock a shortcut. To the left are a mage and a weak enemy. Past them and the bridge will be a door you can open. Once it's opened, proceed back to where you defeated the invader. Directly up the lift is the boss fog wall.

Defeating Rennala, Queen Of The Full Moon, And Using Her Great Rune

Rennala's first phase might be very easy for you. All you have to do is kill whichever crawling lady is singing. Doing this three times breaks Rennala's floating bubble until she falls, making her vulnerable to attacks. Doing this enough times seemingly kills her. Except that's not all there is to her boss fight: you'll get teleported to the real deal.

The guide Elden Ring: How To Defeat Rennala, Queen Of The Full Moon goes into detail about how to memorize her attacks and learn her weaknesses.

Rennala isn't gone forever when you kill her. She is pacified and stays in the academy's library, acting as a resource to players. Unlike other demigods, Rennala's Great Rune does not need to be activated via a Divine Tower, and it cannot be equipped in the same way. Instead, Rennala acts as a respec station. Using her Great Rune and farmable Larval Tears, you can reset all your spent points and change your build at any time, granted you have the Larval Tears for it.

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