10 super comfy ergonomic office chairs for your home office, plus deals

Whether you have a designated home office or a makeshift space at the dining room table, investing in an ergonomic office chair can make a big difference in your quality of life. Fortunately, you can get a great office chair for not a lot of money.

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The best ergonomic office chair deal: Neo Chair, $69 (reduced from $105)


Best space-saving office chair: Hbada office chair, $110 (reduced from $170)


Top-rated ergonomic office chair: Modway Articulate, $159 (reduced from $349)


The United States Department of Labor says that poor ergonomics, which includes how you sit, can cause a variety of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) including carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle strains and low back injuries.

An ergonomic chair can better position your body at your desk, table or countertop. It prevents poor posture. One review of studies found that height-adjustable ergonomic chairs can effectively reduce musculoskeletal pain or discomfort associated with prolonged sitting.

Per the Mayo Clinic, the right office chair should support your spinal curves, with the seat height adjusted so that your feet rest flat on the floor, thighs are parallel to the floor, and knees are level with hips. Armrests should be adjusted so that wrists are straight and hands are at or below elbow level.

The best office chair deals

No matter your budget, design aesthetic or workspace size, there are a number of ergonomic desk chair options that are both comfortable and stylish enough for your home. Here are some reviewer-loved office chairs worth considering, depending on your budget.

If you aren't ready to spend a few hundred dollars on a home-office chair, there are still plenty of options. The Neo Chair is one of Amazon's best-selling office chairs, offering ergonomic support at a much lower price point. Fairly modern in style and available in a variety of color options, this office chair features a high-density molded foam and sofa-upholstered seat, adjustable seat height, a tilt-and-lock back and 360-degree wheels.

At just $69 (plus free shipping) on Amazon, the Neo Chair's price is hard to beat.

Neo Chair, $69 (reduced from $105)


For people without a designated office, finding a space-saving office chair that neatly scoots under a desk or table is a must. The defining feature of this $110 ergonomic office chair option? Adjustable arms that flip up.

10 super comfy ergonomic office chairs for your home office, plus deals

Other features include a breathable, high-density mesh back designed with the curvature of the back in mind; 120-degree-tilt tension; adjustable seat height and a weight capacity of 250 pounds.

Hbada office chair, $110 (reduced from $170)


This highly rated mesh-backed office chair is anything but basic. Available in a bunch of colorways, including cobalt blue, gray and lime green, it features ergonomic support and a comfortable 6-inch-thick mesh seat cushion. The 360-degree swivel chair with a tilt-and-lock system holds up to 331 pounds, is height adjustable with the touch of a button and also has height adjustable armrests.

(Note that assembly is required for most office chairs sold on Amazon, unless you opt for its $49 expert assembly.)

Modway Articulate, $159 (reduced from $349)


There's no rule that says office chairs have to be boring. If you've got the budget for a premium chair, the Razer Iskur X, normally priced at $399, is on sale at Amazon for just $250. The steel-reinforced ergonomic chair is wrapped in multi-layered synthetic leather and features fully adjustable recline, tilt, height and armrests.

Razer Iskur X gaming chair, $250 (reduced from $399)


This 4.7-star-rated ergonomic office chair features a sliding seat, an adjustable headrest and armrests that can go forwards, backwards, up and down.

"Even if you are a smaller/shorter person, this chair really is comfortable," wrote an Amazon customer who purchased the chair. "I love the various amounts of adjustability! The mesh seat really takes the quality and comfort level through the roof. I can now sit at my desk as long as I want without any repercussion of back or shoulder pain."

Sunnow ergonomic office chair, $254 (regularly $270)


Ticova's high back desk chair is another breathable mesh-backed chair, offering head and neck support via a customizable, cushioned headrest. This ergonomic desk chair features a height-adjustable armrest and 3-inch seat cushion, and lumbar support that can be adjusted in both height and depth. Though you can find office chairs available for less money, several reviewers deem this $200+ chair a good value.

Ticova high-back desk chair, $220 (reduced from $300)


This office-slash-gaming chair looks nothing like the traditional office chair, instead resembling a race-car seat -- but that's what's so cool about it. With maximum adjustability, including lumbar support, tilting seat, headrest pillow, armrests and footrest, it can be easily positioned to comfortably support your back and neck, no matter your position. The faux-leather chair is also available in several color schemes, from pink-on-white to black-on-black.

BestOffice desk chair, $100 (reduced from $190)


Looking for a more upscale look for the home office? The foam-padded State Line velvet executive chair, currently 43% off at Wayfair, features button-tufted details, a tilt mechanism, seat height adjustment and caster rollers. Wayfair reviewers praise the chair's comfort and say it offers good back support.

State Line velvet executive chair, $290 (reduced from $524)


More top-rated office chairs to consider

If you're looking for a truly luxurious and trendy office chair, Herman Miller makes a number of models worth a look. While these chairs are often priced over $1,000, you can get a killer deal (almost $850 off!) if you're willing to take an open-box chair.

Herman Miller Aeron chair

If money isn't an issue, consider the Herman Miller Aeron, one of the most expensive ergonomic office chairs on the market since its debut more than 25 years ago. The sleek chair is constructed out of temperature-regulating mesh and offers extensive features, including adjustable lumbar support, seat and armrests and three different size options. It is also completely customizable, from the base metal and size to the type of back support and tilt. The brand stands by the chair with a 12-year warranty.

Herman Miller Aeron chair, $1,645

$1,645atDesign Within Reach

Want to get this great chair for a lot less? You can get an open-box model of the Herman Miller Aeron at Amazon for just $798. That's less than half price.

Herman Miller Aeron chair (open box), $798


Herman Miller Sayle chair

The Herman Miller Sayle chair is significantly less expensive than the Aeron, while still offering superior design and quality. Inspired by suspension bridges, the chair's signature back features an innovative Y-Tower with webbed, ventilated elastomer, constructed to flex when you sit back while offering maximum lumbar support. Like the Aeron, it can be completely customized, from color and caster type to seat depth adjustability and more, plus it comes with a 12-year warranty.

Herman Miller Sayle chair, $1,165

$1,165atDesign Within Reach