12 patterned carpet ideas to try in your own home

Patterned carpets are a deceptively versatile design choice for the home, providing a cosy and plush feeling underfoot, introducing new colour combinations, and adding a layer of visual interest with stripes, tartan, botanical motifs and geometric designs to name just a few. And whilst wooden flooring isn't going anywhere fast, patterned carpets are certainly a more effective way to express creativity and imagination.

Patterned carpets require a bit more design treatment than a classic neutral, to ensure the colour palette in the rest of your room is complementary. Here, your entire room can be styled from the floor up, picking up tones in your carpet and working them into your broader design scheme.

12 patterned carpet ideas to try in your own home

We've collected 12 brilliant examples to inspire your next home update, and included some clever design tips to make the most of your patterned carpet.

Top tips on choosing your patterned carpet

• If you're after a carpet for a high-traffic area, a tight-loop is your most practical choice - the denser the fibre, the more durable it is. A luxurious deep pile would be more suited to a bedroom or in a reading nook.

• Gather samples of the other fabrics in your room, along with wallpaper, paint colours and pictures of furniture to make sure they will all work together with your patterned carpet.

• Include the cost of underlay and installation. Underlay should usually be replaced when you buy a new carpet, and is vitally important as it will help retain heat, and extend the lifespan of your carpet.