16 Best Online Furniture Stores In Australia

Buying furniture for your home can be an arduous task. You firstly need to decide on a theme for your rooms or home that you’ll be happy with for the next few years, before deciding on a budget. Are you renovating your entire home or do you just want to add a couple of new pieces to specific rooms in the house?

16 Best Online Furniture Stores In Australia

Once you’ve got those boxes ticked, it’s time to head out to some furniture stores to see what’s on offer. But while Australia’s major cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane have their fair share of furniture stores – some with boutiques in all – for the best possible selection of designer furniture you have no option but to go online.

Fortunately, in the wake of the global pandemic, retailers have had to focus on their e-commerce offerings, ensuring the buying process is as smooth as possible when browsing collections from the comfort of their soon-to-be-scrapped sofa.

But which online furniture stores should Australians really be focusing their attention on? Allow us to reveal all with this DMARGE-approved selection of the best furniture stores to be found down under.

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Castlery is an online furniture brand that places a heavy focus on designing and developing new, unique and on-trend designs by way of its team of in-house professionals – as well as the occasional collaboration with some of the finest international designers around the world.A perfect shopping destination when you’re searching for a luxurious new sofa, an extraordinarily comfortable mattress or even some tastefully designed decorations for the home, Castlery’s online furniture store is one you absolutely have to bookmark.Better still, because Castlery only designs and distributes its own collections, you can be assured of outright quality and craftsmanship, without the commonly associated high price tags, allowing you to relax in greater comfort.Our top pick for online furniture in Australia. Shop Now 2/15


Freedom has been fitting out Australian homes since 1981. With such experience under its belt, this Australian retailer is well-versed in the ever-rotating trends for colours, styles and finishes. Freedom does have physical stores around the country, but online is where you will find the full extent of their catalogue.You'll find collections for the majority of rooms in the house, including living, dining, office, and there's even a dedicated section for kids. If it's just a few decorative pieces you're after to spruce up a room, Freedom is more than happy to provide. Shop Now3/15

West Elm

With a strong focus on sustainability and ethical production, West Elm is a furniture retailer you need to be checking out. The vast majority of the brand's collections are designed in-house, meaning you won't be able to find them anywhere else, and with many of the materials used being sustainably-sourced, you'll be doing good for the planet too.Furniture and decorative pieces can be found for all rooms and spaces, including outdoors, and you can even partake in the company's interior design service to ensure your home shines at its absolute best. Shop Now 4/15


Founded in 1918, Adairs has been working with local Australian designers to create unique pieces to fill Australian homes. With several stores dotted all over the country, it's likely to be a brand you're familiar with, and is a must-visit not only for furniture, but for furnishings too. So much so, that Adairs even has a membership option for those with a particular affinity for bedding, cushions and towels. Shop Now5/15

RJ Living

This family-owned Australian furniture brand was founded in Melbourne in 2012, with a mission to offer Australians an extensive range of unique pieces, without the commonly-associated high price tag. Today, the company works closely with interior designers and architects to create thoughtfully designed homes that owners will love for years to come. All of RJ Living's pieces are designed in-house at its Melbourne office, which are then passed on to a close-knit team community of manufacturers to bring them to life.RJ Living is all about complementing a relaxed and modern Australian lifestyle, which is perfectly reflected throughout all collections. Comfort is most definitely king. Shop Now 6/15

Trit House

Another homegrown brand that was founded in Melbourne, Trit House has since expanded to have physical stores in both Sydney and Brisbane. Products are designed in-house, but take great inspiration from trends around the world. Where possible, Trit partners with global designers to create unique pieces that embody an overseas style, before being given a distinctly Australian flair.Trit House has furniture collections for all rooms in the home, including workspaces and outdoor areas. Not only does the brand sell its own designs, but you can also find an extrensive selection of third-party offerings too.Shop Now7/15


Possibly the most famous furniture brand in the world, IKEA has carved out a position all of its own as being the king of convenient, flat-packed, build-it-yourself furniture. Yes, in an ideal world we'd shy away from the more wallet-friendly options put forward by this Swedish stalwart, but in reality, IKEA does make some genuinely good-looking pieces with a build quality that belies their price (admittedly, you'll need to look to the more expensive options for outright quality). With furniture, furnishing and decorations to fill every single corner of the home, it's not inconceivable that your entire home could be filled with a decidedly Swedish flair. And considering there aren't too many stores in Australia, you almost have to resort to shopping online. Fortunately, IKEA offers a very generous 365-day returns policy.Shop Now 8/15

Temple & Webster

Another online-only furniture retailer, Temple & Webster has been a favourite among Australia home decorators since it launched in 2011. After acquiring the Australian-owned Wayfair brand, Temple & Webster is now home to in excess of 180,000 products to browse and buy, encompassing both own-brand and third-party retailers.Product categories cover indoor and outdoor furniture, home decoration and even some appliances, including the kitchen sink.Shop Now9/15


Mocka found its footing in 2007 as a furniture retailer specialising in products for babies and children. However, following serious growth, expanded into the home and living space too. The company's in-house design teams works around the clock coming up with new ideas that will serve a worthwhile purpose in your home, and prices are kept firmly in the affordable bracket.Mocka does still put an emphasis on baby and children's furniture, so if you have a baby on the way or have a couple of toddlers, Mocka should be the first brand you look to to kit out their rooms. Shop Now 10/15


Camerich is a global furniture retailer, with a particular penchant for sofas and fabrics. The company enjoys a huge reach around the world, which allows it to comfortably source some of the finest materials and furniture makers around. The selection of products available to buy directly via the website isn't the largest around, but you are able to submit enquirers for all of the other products in the catalogue, which includes custom-designed sofas. Shop Now11/15

Bo Concept

Bo Concept was founded in Denmark in 1952 and has since expanded into a global furniture powerhouse with some 300 stores across 60 countries. All products are designed and made in-house, with many items, such as sofas, being customisable so that you can create something truly unique.Of course, hailing from Denmark, designs are distinctly Scandinavian, so expects plenty of clean lines, neutral colours and a range of fabrics. Everything can be purchased directly from the website, but Bo Concept also offers an interior design service, which can be conducted virtually if you so wish. Shop Now 12/15

Life Interiors

Life Interiors was founded in 2006 and initially found its footing on eBay. At that time, the company prided itself in sourcing, distributing and selling the finest Australian and international furniture brands, giving Australians an extensive choice when it came to decorating their home.Today, the company has physical stores in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as a great online presence. While Life Interiors does still source furniture from third-party manufacturers, it also now has its own in-house design team, so can offer its own brand of furniture too. Living, dining and bedroom are all catered for, as well as a comprehensive range of decorative accessories, and all have been specifically chosen to help transform your home. Shop Now13/15

Living By Design

Living By Design is South Australia's offering into the Australian furniture scene. The company's online store went live in 2018 and has undergone significant growth since, to the point where it sources materials from all around the world, which are used to create its own in-house designed pieces.A large chunk of the online catalogue is kept in the warehouse in Adelaide, meaning domestic shipping times can be fast. Shop Now 14/15


The world isn't short of mattress companies all promising the best sleep ever. Melbourne-based Eva, however, is one that genuinely can back up its claims. Like those other companies, your mattress is delivered rolled up and in a box (only one option is available in a range of sizes), but with multiple awards under its belt, it really is that comfortable.Eva also offers complementary pillows and even a timber bed frame, to help make your sleep that much better. If for whatever reason you're not satisfied after 120 nights of testing it out, you can even claim a full refund. Shop Now15/15