5 Stylish Homes in the Dominican Republic

By Katherine McGrath

Aside from the very few people who somehow prefer cold-weather vacations (we don't get it), who wouldn't want a home in the tropics? Life's rhythm slows down to match the pace of island time in the Dominican Republic, and the architecture adjusts to meet the climate, too. With open-air living that invites in the salty breeze and tranquil ocean soundtrack, vaulted ceilings, and palm trees, a home in the DR is sure to be the perfect island getaway. We love Genevieve Faure's contemporary take on island living, mixing staples of a tropical home with exciting light fixtures and vintage decor, and the way Carlos Mota fills his angular home with an eclectic array of color and pattern, while still curating a relaxing oasis. Read on to look inside these and other homes in the Dominican Republic.

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  • 5 Stylish Homes in the Dominican Republic