7 colours you can pair with purple, inspired by Pantone's Very Peri

Pantone recently unveiled its Colour of the Year for 2022, and it's unlike anything we've seen before. That's because Very Peri – a warming, bold lavender tone – is a brand new shade that Pantone has invented from scratch.

Described by Pantone as 'a dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying violet-red undertone that blends the faithfulness and constancy of blue with the energy and excitement of red' – it's a colour promising to bring joy as the 'happiest and warmest of all the blue hues'.

The question is: how we can incorporate this purple tone into our homes?

Very Peri is great for providing an eye-catching pop of colour – either through a painted wall or accent furniture. Or, if you only want a touch of Very Peri in your home, pick out blue or lilac glassware accessories and group them together for impact, then add a few stems of lavender. For an even easier hit of Very Peri, look for cushions and throws in purple hues to work the colour into your living room or bedroom.

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If you don't want to drastically re-paint your entire living space, there are plenty of colours you can pair with the dynamic Very Peri shade. From deep blues to more muted whites and greys, here are seven colours to pair with this new red-violet-infused blue hue.

1. White

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Veri Peri is a colour that can stand alone but 'equally has the potential to be paired up in a variety of ways to create some very different looks,' says Amy Wilson, interior designer for247 Curtains.

'Try pairing with white for a fresh, clean New Year makeover. Keep the white dominant and include accents of Very Peri to avoid the scheme looking too saccharine. For a modern take on this colour, use stripes, geometric or colour block paint effects. Alternatively, you can embrace the romantic, whimsical potential of Very Peri by opting for floral, soft prints for fabrics and accessories.'

7 colours you can pair with purple, inspired by Pantone's Very Peri

2. Pink

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'Paring pinks with Very Peri creates a cohesive interior finish,' says Katie Thomas, founder of interior design companyKTM Design. 'This is because they are analogous colours, so sit next to each other on the colour wheel. To create a statement with Very Peri, match it with a lighter tint or shade of pink which will help make it stand out in your home.

To create a bold impact, pair Very Peri with a bright, bold pink shade. 'However, you should also complement these shades with more neutral colours to ensure that they "pop", and overall, create a harmonious colour pairing. If you want to create a more subtle statement, try adding Very Peri and pinks through smaller decorative items, such as cushions and vases. These will add more contrast to your home whilst still bringing in strong statement colours,' Katie adds.

3. Beige

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Designer Sophie Conran says Very Peri works so well for interiors as it 'balances the calmness of a blue, with a touch of red that brings warmth' which ultimately brings a sense of positivity to a room.

'It's perfect as an accent colour for cushions, lampshades and candles,' Sophie says. 'For me, it is reminiscent of heavenly scented lavender fields and has a nostalgic familiarity that reminds me of the care of grandmothers. This is why I included lilac as a colour in my Scallop Bed Linen Collection, it pairs well with both grey and neutrals, as well as warm tones too. Both beige and Very Peri are calming, balancing shades and work well together with Very Peri bringing freshness and life.'

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4. Blue

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'Purple 01 actually became Lick's best selling colour throughout the summer months. I'm thrilled purple is having its moment to shine, it's a colour that people so often shy away from,' Lick's head of colour, Natasha Bradley, comments. 'The Pantone shade has a lot of blue in it, which is known to be calming and good for the mind, making it the perfect colour for decorating your hallway, bedroom or home office.

'To make purple, you need blue and red,' she continues, 'which is why, when it comes to pairing purple, blue's work so well because you will find undertones of those shades in purple.'

In the home, use purple as your base colour and then work accents of blue into your accessories and furniture. 'For example, if you were working purple into your living room you could have a navy sofa or if you want to use purple in the bedroom, you could use blues for your bedding,' Natasha suggests.

5. Orange and yellow

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'Pairing orange and yellow hues with Very Peri can help make each of these colours appear more vivid, as they are complementary and sit opposite one another on the colour wheel,' Katie explains. 'This pairing creates a bold statement for your interiors, and can be incorporated into your home by using Very Peri wall paint and orange and yellow decorative items, such as cushions and throws, paired with neutral coloured furniture for a contrast.'

6. Grey

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The ever versatile grey goes with just about any colour, and it'll pair wonderfully with purple/blue hues.

'If your home is 50 shades of grey then Very Peri is the perfect shade to add in and bring your space bang up to date,' Amy says. 'It will work particularly well with deeper blue and grey shades that will help to make this new purple pop. If you have a lot of pale grey in your home use Very Peri alongside another accent colour such as yellow to help it sing. Whichever palette appeals to you, remember to include plenty of greenery in the form of plants (faux or real) to help create balance and texture.'

7. Green

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Of course earthy greens had to make the list. 'We see earthy tones around us every single day and these colours paired with Pantone’s Very Peri can provide a balanced colour palette within your interior. For instance, earthy tones, greens and browns are found within nature, so naturally, create a harmonious pairing,' Katie explains.

Use warm, earthy tones as a backdrop to help Very Peri stand out and become a focal point in a room. 'This can be achieved in your home through incorporating earthy coloured walls and furniture, but also adding Very Peri decorative items,' she adds.

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