Aldi fans are rushing to grab dupes for the cult favourite Benefit products

WHEN Char and Jake moved into their dream home they thought they knew how to decorate it to get the most out of the little space they had.

The pair discovered what they thought would work was far from the truth, and the answer was very different to what they imagined.

The couple confessed that "when we fist moved in, we thought our small two bed home needed to be light and white so it felt bigger."

"We found once we decorated, the darker accents mixed with the lighter walls makes it feel bugger and more homely," they added.

Sharing the transformation on TikTok, the difference a few simple changes made is clear.

Their entirely white kitchen featured white cupboards, counters and tiles, making it all blend in together.


Without getting a completely new kitchen the duo managed to give the room a huge upgrade with a few simple changes.

Aldi fans are rushing to grab dupes for the cult favourite Benefit products

Swapping out their old white shelves for dark ones made all the difference and added a focal point to the otherwise plain kitchen.

Adding dark accessories like pillows and picture frames in the living room made it much more homely than the cold white, whilst a large black foot stool centres the room without overwhelming it.

Dark floor length curtains and a slim black lamp also make the room feel so much bigger than the overly bright whites.


The addition of dark cushions in the bedroom also made all the difference, the room looks so much more inviting with the clever additions.

The pair's bathroom went from drab to fab with the simple addition of a feature wall that was painted dark with a modern shelf and some plants to liven up the room

Another easy change the couple made was to add in a dado rail, which they painted black to create some dimension in the room.

Viewers love the simple changes: "I need to follow you because I am the light grey girl and my boyfriend has black and dark furniture, so will be good to see the mix!"


"Darker accents make it feel warmer too rather than all white." A second added.

Another quipped: "Your home is everything!!"