Between leather and fabric sofa

When it comes to elegant interior sofa finish, leather sofa used to be the focal point of aesthetic and luxury not only in homes, but also in offices and hospitality spaces until recently. So, what really changed? Quality, durability, comfort, and cost!Interior designers would usually tell you that the elegance a quality leather sofa bestows in your space is unparalleled, which is why it’s quite expensive. However, fabric sofa manufacturers have found a way to beat these aesthetics with smooth texture fabrics that glow like leather, but feel like fabric at a very affordable cost, hence the massive shift from leather sofa to fabric.Although these fabric sofas are undoubtedly competing with the leather sofas, especially for affordability and durability, but whether it is fabric or leather sofa, there are pros and cons; you need to weigh the options.

Between leather and fabric sofa

Pros Of Leather Sofa* Aside from their elegance, leather sofas come with glary aesthetics due to their smooth feel.* They are non-allergenic, as they do not retain dust mites.* They are very easy to clean.

Cons Of Leather Sofa* More expensive* Less Comfortable* Limited colour option* Wear out with cracks and scratches more easily Pros of Fabric Sofa* Aside from varieties in categories and colours, fabric sofas are softer, warmer and comfortable dues to their textiles.* Fabrics upholsteries are manufactured with stain restraint treatment finishes that allow easy clean.* Because of their textile category that doesn’t scratch, they are children friendly.* The unlimited colour, texture, designs and pattern options to help contrast or complement other existing interior décor and designs.* While quality sofa fabrics don’t come cheap, they are way cheaper than the same quality leather sofas.

Cons of Fabric Sofa* Retain dust mites and allergens* Need to be vacuumed and cleaned regularly.

How To Decide Appropriate Sofa Finish For Your SpaceExcept for when you go on vacation, the possibility that you will use your sofa everyday is high, so it is best to put durability and comfort above everything else. Then, you can consider appearance; care requirements and cost. So, whether it is leather or fabric sofa finish, ensure to get the best quality for durability.