Businesses power through supply chain delays ahead of High Point Furniture Market

HIGH POINT, N.C. — Editor's note: the video above is from last year's furniture market.

The showrooms will go up without a hitch as the vendors do hard work behind the scenes to make it happen.

High Point Spring Market is just two weeks away, and businesses have been battling supply chain delays leading up to this year's event.

"Two, three markets ago, we couldn’t even get any furniture because of the embargoes out on the water so the furniture for the market was sitting on the water and you're like, 'A picture just isn’t going to do it,' So those supply chains have opened up and we know there's going to be fresh colors and fresh ideas," said Laura Redd, the principal interior designer at Laura Redd Interiors.

Thousands of visitors from more than 100 countries were in High Point last year for the fall market. Vendors and visitors told WFMY News 2 last year that price increases from supply chain delays were felt in last year's market.

Businesses power through supply chain delays ahead of High Point Furniture Market

Redd said while many businesses are still dealing with supply chain delays, it seems to be improving.

"It's actually getting better and better, every single time because the things that have slowed us down was foam. Remember back in January in Texas? Foam comes from Texas. That was one slow down. Well, they have gotten ramped up and things are going so that’s moving faster that’s great. Second is fabric, third are frames because it's wood, but everybody is reinventing that source. They’re figuring it out," said Redd.

Redd said going to High Point Market to talk with the vendors and representatives is so important to get a true gauge of how long certain products will take to come in.

Companies have worked hard over the last few months to find other sources locally so they can fulfill the needs of clients.

"We’ve partnered with other furniture stores that bought stock when this all started. So they may have 30 sofas sitting in their warehouse. So, they’re bringing them in and if you know who this is you can direct your client once again," she said.

Overall, Redd said she's looking forward to the spring market.

"We have a really great direction but that direction can get deterred based on what's happening in the world so we just have to be aware and pay attention and know where things are as they're going," she said, "market is the best time of the year. I don’t even know what else to say. It's like Christmas for a designer."