Can anyone in NJ identify this dead bird skull in my yard? (Opinion)

Well, this is a new one for me.

My dad was in our yard over the weekend when he found what appears to be the skull of a Blue Bird (Blue Jay? I don't know birds, so if you have any idea what this is, please let me know!).

Take a look.

EW! Are you done gagging? I'm not, but let's continue.

There's the skull and a few feathers around a couple of twigs. This was left on the tarp of our firewood pile. Thankfully it's not facing the house looking at us, otherwise, I would think this is some sort of warning.

From whom? I don't know, but it certainly seems like it was placed with purpose.

Maybe the feathers are colorful enough that someone reading this can identify what kind of bird this is. Bird enthusiasts, help me out, please!

For scale, it's about the size of my thumb.

Can anyone in NJ identify this dead bird skull in my yard? (Opinion)

After a quick look around, no other bones could be seen. It can't be normal for the skull to be found nowhere near a body, is it? Yet the feathers are there so the body must be nearby.

Could it have been killed elsewhere and then just the head was placed there by another animal? What sort of sacrificial ritual could this be?

Are squirrels more sinister than I originally thought?? Seriously, this is driving me insane.

Can you identify what kind of bird this is?

If I may go on a bit of a tangent, a few years ago I was sitting in my backyard when I saw a bird land on a branch of a tree in my yard. Less than a minute later, a second, larger bird flew right into it and made the first bird explode.

I'm not exaggerating.

A mushroom cloud of feathers puffed up out of the tree and slowly drifted through the air landing around me as I watched in horror. This was what I was showered with.

(Excuse my iPhone-made circles, I'm not a graphic artist, nor do I claim to be.)

Anyway, I think about that bird about once a week. RIP little guy, I hardly knew ye.

So maybe my parents' house is on top of some sort of Hellmouth for birds? I'm not quite sure what to make of this.

Can you identify what kind of bird this is? If you can, please let us know by messaging us on our app!

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