Cozey Introduces Nook, Its New Canadian-Made Furniture Brand

Montreal, Feb.22, 2022(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cozey, the fast-growing Montreal-based furniture start-up, announced the launch of its new 100% Made in Canada brand, Nook. By focusing on local production and premium materials, Nook seeks to combine the rich history of Canadian furniture craftsmanship with design innovation to create personalized & sustainable furniture.

Nook will also replicate Cozey’s simple modular approach and tool-free assembly to allow for peak personalization and configuration possibilities. With Cozey’s expertise in furniture design and its effective distribution with courier sized boxes, Nook arrives to the market with an innovative product that is built & guaranteed for life. “Our focus with Nook will always be to choose the highest quality materials and only work with forward-thinking Canadian manufacturers. We want to take furniture to another level: premium materials, Canadian craftsmanship and design innovation to put sustainability at the heart of what we do” explains Frédéric Aubé, CEO & founder of Cozey. The lifetime warranty offered on Nook sofas coupled with the 100-day risk-free trial is evidence of product’s quality and commitment to durability.

“We have a rich-heritage in furniture manufacturing in Canada and it was important for us to offer the alternative of local production to customers. It is something that many customers were asking for and something that we were committed to since we launched Cozey. We then took Nook beyond in terms of the materials chosen, how we approached the design and the quality of our product.” Highly resistant tight-woven fabric, top-grade Italian leather, wood structures constructed by Canadian artisanry and multi layers of high-density foam bring the quality and the comfort to world-class level. “We chose the best materials we could find.”

Cozey Introduces Nook, Its New Canadian-Made Furniture Brand

Nook’s modern approach to personalization, local production, and complete modularity, combined with its lifetime warranty, makes it the best solution for sustainable furniture shopping. Its patent-pending assembly system creates the possibility to assemble, dis-assemble, move, re-configure, and add modules to your existing Nook, making it the only sofa you will ever need if your lifetime.

In the upcoming months, Nook will seek to create partnerships with local manufacturers & artisans to continue to expand the collection. By working in collaboration with like-minded crafters, Nook intends to push the limit of design innovation and sustainability in the home furnishing industry.

About Cozey

Cozey ( is Canada’s first sofa-in-a-box company with a mission to provide the best customer experience in furniture shopping. Cozey’s tool-free assembly system allows an easy disassembly and the possibility to add modules and re-configure your sofa to fit in any space. Through its simplicity, world-class customer service, marvelous comfort, and fast shipping due to its courier-size boxes, Cozey’s direct-to-consumer approach is rapidly becoming a leader in modular furniture.