Drop-Off Depots & Landfill

The Mission Landfill (Minnie’s Pit) is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, seven days a week, except for statutory holidays, Boxing Day, and Easter Sunday when they are closed. Please note early closures on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve (closing at 3:00 pm).

Mission Landfill:32000 Dewdney Trunk Road, Mission(east of the Stave Falls Hydro Dam)Landfill Scalehouse Phone:604-826-9008

The Mission Landfill accepts typical municipal solid waste, including household garbage, furniture, appliances, residential renovation waste, greenwaste and scrap metal. A minimum charge of $5 per load applies to all residential and commercial loads received from Mission.

Drop-Off Depots & Landfill

The Mission Landfill is only allowed to accept waste into the landfill from within Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD), with waste from within the City of Mission being charged a lower rate than waste from other areas of the FVRD. Therefore, when dropping off waste for disposal in the landfill (garbage and other materials, including drywall and asbestos-containing materials), residents are required to show identification which confirms they are a resident of the City of Mission and/or the FVRD.

There is no charge for residential recyclables, residential food waste, grass clippings and scrap metal, including appliances, automotive batteries and propane tanks

Dog waste can be accepted at the landfill, however please be sure to notify the scalehouse staff what you are disposing of.

Landfill Recyclables: residents of rural areas of Mission are encouraged to drop off their blue bin recyclables at the Mission Landfill or at the Mission Recycling Depot.

2022 Landfill Tipping FeesTipping Fees per Tonne
Mission* CustomersNon-Mission Customers
Garbage Requiring Special Management$174.50$255.00
Gypsum Board (post 1990)$173.00$177.00
Gypsum Board (pre 1990) & Asbestos-containing Materials (residential)$183.00$268.00
Brush & Branches$72.00$74.00
Food Waste, Grass, Leaves & Moss (residential)$0$69.50
Food Waste (commercial)$84.00$86.00
Sod, Soil, Bricks, Concrete Debris (<30 cm in dimension, residential)$36.00$45.00
Recyclables (residential only, sorted)$0$0
Scrap Metal (appliances, propane tanks, barbeques, automotive batteries etc.)$0$0
Surcharge on Unsorted Loads on Highest Applicable Tipping Fee50%50%
Tipping Fees per Item
Mission* CustomersNon-Mission Customers
Minimum Drop-off Charge$5.00/Load$10.00/Load
Mattresses & Box Springs$10/Item$14/Item
Tires, Off-rim (passenger & light truck size only; maximum of 8 per day)$0$0
Tires, On-rim (passenger & light truck size only; maximum of 8 per day)$2/Tire$2/Tire
Surcharge on Unsecured Loads$10/Load$10/Load

Source: Solid Waste Management Bylaw 5526-2015* City of Mission