How can contemporary recliner chairs benefit your health?

Recliner chairs can work wonders for anyone suffering with back pain, as well as making a stylish addition to any home

If you are among the millions who suffer from chronic lower back pain, you'll know only too well just how important a comfortable chair can be. At work, we all understand how a well-positioned office chair can impact both our comfort and our health, and we ought to keep this same awareness when shopping for our own home furniture.

Lower back pain is incredibly common in the UK, affecting an estimated eight in every 10 people at some point in their lives. It is the leading cause of medically-certified sick leave, thus creating major disruptions in sufferers' day-to-day activities, in addition to causing immense physical discomfort. While each case is unique, there are certain steps that sufferers can take to ease their pain - such as choosing suitable seating.

How can contemporary recliner chairs benefit your health?

For anyone hoping to relieve aches and pains, or simply enjoy a little more back support, a recliner chair could make all the difference. In recent years, advances in recliner technology have made it easier than ever for people with chronic pain or mobility issues to find comfortable seating that works for their condition. Many offer a variety of different positions, with controls that allow users to easily adjust their posture at the touch of a button. Electric riser chairs comfortably take users from a seated to a near-standing position, helping them to avoid putting any unnecessary strain on their back and knees, and therefore reducing the risk of aggravating any pain in these areas. Manual recliners also remain popular with easy-to-use mechanisms delivering perfect comfort in a matter of seconds.

While each type of chair has its own unique benefits, all recliners essentially work to ease aches and pains in the same fundamental way. By adjusting your seating position, recliner chairs and sofas help to distribute your body weight more evenly, which helps to reduce pressure on your joints and muscles. Recliner chairs can also provide crucial neck support, which is beneficial for anyone suffering from chronic neck pain. What's more, recliners also elevate the legs and feet, which can improve circulation. Long periods of sitting or standing can cause poor circulation and swollen joints, and regular reclining can help to ease this discomfort.

Of course, opting for practical, health-conscious home furniture shouldn't have to mean compromising on style. Fortunately, recliner design has advanced considerably over the past few years, with a wide variety of sleek, contemporary-looking units now available to purchase. Anglia Recliners is one of East Anglia's leading suppliers of reclining chairs and furniture, and is keen to show customers just how stylish modern recliners can be. At its spacious showrooms in Melton near Woodbridge, Anglia Recliners showcases an array of elegant designs from well-loved brands, ranging from the famous La-z-boy recliners to the innovative Stressless range. Boasting a variety of fabric and leather recliners, this local supplier combines traditional comfort with contemporary style, offering something to suit any home.

The friendly and knowledgeable team understands the importance of finding a seating solution that works for each client's unique needs and desires. Whether you're after some additional back support or looking for some mobility assistance, the team is happy to help you find the ideal recliner for you. Anglia Recliners also offers all customers free delivery within East Anglia, as well as an old furniture disposal service and a five year guarantee on new products.

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