How can I donate safely to our home stores?

How can I donate safely to our home stores?

We are able to offer you a collection service that meets your needs - either from your doorstep, an alternative safe access point, or from a room(s) of your choice.Just let the store know when you are making your booking.

If you want to drop off larger items such as furniture or electrical goods to one of our stores, rather than having them collected from your home, please call ahead so we can be ready for you. Phone numbers are listed on our store locator.

If we are collecting from your doorstep or from a safe place, we will need you to move your items in readiness. Our van crew will ring you 30 minutes before they arrive to give you time to transfer the items outside.

If you are comfortable with our van crew entering your property and collecting from the room(s) of choice, then we would ask that you follow these simple safety procedures during the collection:

They will be wearing an ID badge and a face covering (unless exempt) and maintain a safe distance where possible. They will reference a collection docket detailing all items you have asked to be picked up, confirming that all the listed items have been collected*. They will sign the docket on your behalf and leave you a copy for your reference.

*Please note that on occasion a donation may not be suitable for resale in our stores and the store team will explain this when you are making your booking. However, in some cases the items need to be viewed before a decision can be made and that decision to accept or decline will be made by the driver.

Yes, we are. We are able to offer a collection service that suits your needs, whether from your doorstep, an alternative safe access point or from a room(s) of your choice.

In order to protect the safety of our van crews and store teams we are unable to collect items from a household which has a member with Covid-19 symptoms, or has tested positive within the last 10 days and remains positive or is self isolatingdue to close contact with another person testing positive.

If you develop symptoms or test positive after booking a collection, we ask that you contact the store to arrange an alternative date and time for your collection.

How can I donate safely to our home stores?

Go to our Book a Collection page where there are more details of how the service operates and the items that can be donated.

Please be aware that due to the location of our stores it is not possible for us to operate a collection service in all postcode sectors.

No, you will not need to sign anything. When you make the booking with the store a team member will confirm over the phone the items to be collected. These will be listed on a collection docket.

On arrival, the van crew will verbally confirm with you the items for collection and sign for the collection with your agreement. if there are any adjustments needed, the driver will make these changes. A copy of the collection docket will be left with you for your records.

Yes, we do require you to be at home for the collection in case of any queries. The van crew will not remove any items without the permission of the owner or their authorised person (over 18 years) as agreed with the store at the time of booking.

Our van crew will ring 30 minutes ahead of arrival to check that you are home for the collection. They will knock on your door on arrival and step back. If you do not appear to be at home, they will ring again from outside your house. If no one comes to the door they will leave a 'Sorry We Missed You' card with details on how to ring and re-arrange.

When the booking is made with the store team they will confirm with you the condition of the items such as if they are working and if they carry fire labels etc.

We make these checks to ensure that the items we collect can be sold in our stores. Here is a list of items that we cannot sell.

There will be a small number ofcases when the van crew will view an item and have to make a decision not to accept it. If this is the case, the item will be left with the owner.

Our van crews sanitise their vehicles regularly both in the cab and in the main body. Van crews will sanitise their hands before collecting your items and they are provided with face coverings (unless exempt).

They will maintain a safe distance from all customers where possible and will work as swiftly as possible. They will sign all your paperwork on your behalf with your agreement and leave a copy with you.

Please be aware that all our van crews carry BHF ID badges which will be shown to you when they introduce themselves and before they commence the collection.