Teal bedroom ideas: 12 dazzling designs using this green and blue hue

We already know that blue and green are each known for their restful qualities. But teal bedroom ideas are the best of both, offering a burst of rich opulence and evoking a peaceful vibe.

Bold and sophisticated, this jewel-like bedroom paint color idea is perfect for making a statement your room. Use as an accent color to add a dramatic backdrop, or paint the entire room to create a rich regal boudoir.

So whether you're digging about for master bedroom ideas or looking to makeover a glum guest room, we've treated your eyes to some twinkling teal bedroom designs.

Teal bedroom ideas to try

1. Add natural accessories for a jungle-inspired space

With travel restrictions in 2020 and 2021 playing a part in our cabin-fever and claustrophobia, teal is a bedroom paint color that can be used to create an escapist scheme or destination dorm.Create a dynamic scheme inspired by Mother Nature by combining palm print with natural textures. By doing so, you'll create a global and bohemian bedroom design that'll feel like you're on vacation.

And be sure to go wild on the accessories. From wooden shelving ideas, to macramé planters, rattan chairs and woven wall hangings, there's lots of ways to style a beautiful and biophillic bedroom.

2. Add a statement headboard to sleep easy

In the interiors world, we're seeing designers, architects and amateur DIYers introduce curves to create softness in spaces otherwise filled with hard surfaces like a boxy bedroom storage design.

With rounded furniture and archways all featuring heavily in before and afters, a statement headboard is a relatively non-invasive, but nice touch for an art-deco inspired space.In addition to your headboard, pay due diligence to your choice of duvet cover. Eclectic and magical, this decadent bed linen by Ted Baker and available from Amara is an idyllic choice to give a lift to your bedroom.

Combining song birds in soft greens with exotic blooms, the complementary palette of warm terracotta, cool teal and pastel pink, this cozy bedroom decorating idea will transport you to the dreamy land of nod.

The heavily printed, floral motif means that you can create a romantic bedroom design without reaching for the obvious red or pink paint emulsion. This is especially important if you're looking for bedroom ideas for couples, but don't want the scheme to look too feminine.

3. Create an ombre effect with teal paint

If an all-over teal bedroom idea looks like it'll be a little too much to handle, lighten up your scheme with a ombre accent wall to break up the dark hue.

Similar to the Instagrammable pink beaches we've seen in Europe, Barbados and in parts of Asia, this is one of those wall painting ideas that'll make us give into wanderlust. On the floor, this pale teal rug is reminiscent of clear aquamarine seawater.

Pair this pink and green design with iridescent finishes for a youthful interpretation on a teal bedroom idea. We love this bedroom lighting design which shows off luminous colors that seem to change when seen from different angles.

4. Color block with clashing or complementary shades

Though teal has connotations of sunny Mediterranean climes and coastal scenes - let's face it, it can look a bit out of place in a cold US state or back in Blighty.

So take on the challenge of warming up a chilly teal scheme by pairing it with a toastier shade. By color blocking with orange, you can create a bold but grown-up space that is both exciting and energetic.

If orange is a bit 'out-there' for you, a pop of peach or coral will make for the perfect collaboration. Pair with a Birds of Paradise bouquet for a floral scheme that fits your theme.

Rachal Hutcheson, National Retail Manager for Sharps says:

'A chic alternative to classic blues or greens, teal is a very livable color, hence the rise in its popularity within domestic designs.

'Depending on the shade you opt for, it can be used to add drama and interest, or provide a canvas for you to embellish with furniture and accessories.

'It combines well with neutrals tones to create a feature but we are now seeing many more designers and customers pairing complimentary shades to deliver a tonal scheme.'

'This application feels harmonious and is a great way to deliver a coherent design.

'Whether you choose to apply color to your wall or finish your cabinetry in an eye-catching shade, the move towards adding interest through color within the home is here to stay. The future is bright.'

5. Add teal to grey bedroom decor for a luxe look

A teal and grey bedroom idea is a universal scheme that everyone should consider in their home. From a trendy teenage girl bedroom idea to bedroom ideas for couples, this versatile color combination will satisfy even the pickiest of interior palettes.

A velvet grey bed and bedroom cabinet will stay classic so stick to this color for your big-ticket items. Have fun with touches of teal by shopping for cool cushions and a fluffy tactile throw for texture.

A metallic accent will also add expense to this interior space, so add some subtle bling to the room with a gold ceiling light or silver framed mirror.

Teal bedroom ideas: 12 dazzling designs using this green and blue hue

Francesca Birch, Designer at Danetti confirms: 'Teal tones are bold and bright and create positivity and energy within a space. The darker colors bring depth to a room when used as a backdrop and are interesting for key pieces of furniture.

'This palette works especially well in velvets and when paired with metallic accents.'

6. Combine blue and black for a dramatic look

Black and blue isn't a combo you see very often. More often than not, it's a teal and grey bedroom design. But in this blue bedroom design, it totally works, with the walnut woods adding some lovely texture too, definitely one to try out.

This is the ideal color scheme for rooms that don't get tons of natural light too so you can really embrace that dark, cocooning feeling of a black bedroom idea.

'East facing rooms are drenched with morning light but cooler in the afternoon so work with nature and play to this bias using soft Aquas, (essentially blue/ green shades).

'They have a natural affinity to the lighting conditions but rarely feel too icy due to the blend of both colors.

'Aqua has a lovely restful quality and are super flexible depending on how you decorate your room with other furnishings which can make the room feel either modern or traditional.'says Patrick O’Donnell of Farrow & Ball.

Note how the ceilings are painted as well, adding even more depth and drama.

7. Don't be afraid to contrast colors in a teal bedroom

Yellow and blue may seem like a bold color scheme, but pick the right tones and it creates a fun, vibrant bedroom that doesn't feel too over the top.

Opt for slightly toned-down hues – mustard yellow with a muted teal works perfectly in this bedroom. You could pick simple white bed sheets if you want a more minimalist bedroom idea or go all out and bring those yellows and blues into your bedding and pillows too.

Cathryn Sanders, Head of Creative at Earthborn paints comments:

'Although striking, Teal is a very enduring and popular, easy-going green guaranteed to create a relaxed and positive mood.

'It is a perfect choice for a serene sleeping space. It can be paired with deeper shades to add dramatic pops of color, for example mustard or red.'

'These deep colors will bring depth and character to your bedroom.'

8. Get guest ready with a teal green sofa bed

If you want to provide a hospitable space for your loved ones to sleep, a teal bedroom idea is the way to go. But, when looking at bedroom design for a loved one, a comfortable guest bed should be the top priority.

Rather than trying to shoehorn a bulky bed frame in a small bedroom, consider a sofa bed that can be pulled out in a living room idea or box room. By doing so you can create a comfy space that isn't cramped.

Erika Woelfel, Vice President of Color and Creative Services for Behr says: 'When beautifully blended, blue and green tones create a diverse range of teal colors that resembles natural hues seen in the earth’s oceans, lakes and rivers.

'Teal generally offers a wide range of tones and can create both a stimulating and soothing environment. Clean and pure teals can liven up a bedroom, while a more muted option offers a great backdrop for a relaxed atmosphere.'

9. Create texture with teal chalk paint

Contrary to what you might think, there's no hard and fast rules that say that bedrooms need to be bright and airy. Dark bedroom ideas deserve a place in the spotlight too.

Creating a moody atmosphere, that's also sleep-friendly, step into a design that ticks all the boxes for drifting off. Pairing black, blue and green bedroom design, this inky interior space invites you to doze off from dusk until dawn.

But the magic in this teal bedroom idea comes from the contrasting textures. From heavy black drapes, to an ornate headboard, teal chalk paint and an ornate ceiling skirting, this is a tactile but safe space to snooze.

Ruth Mottershead, Creative Director Little Greene says: 'Bedrooms are such a personal space, they are the perfect room for following your heart and choosing colors that make you feel happy and relaxed.

'A natural muted palette of greens and blues works really well to create a comforting, soothing scheme.

'A teal shade is the perfect balance, a green tinged blue that evokes a sense of calm and restfulness.

'With a teal color, don’t dismiss darker shades, as when used all over, darker teal colors can exude a cozy, cocooning quality and really harness the character of a bedroom.'

10. Create wow-factor with a teal wall decor design

There once was an old wives tale that said: 'Pink and green should never be seen'. But, as we've seen on our social media feeds and interior TV shows, that advice has quickly been rubbished. And, to be honest - we're glad it has!

Embrace the warm depths of this teal cherry blossom wallpaper mural by Feathr. The deep green teal background is lightly distressed to create a shabby chic effect, perfectly offsetting the deep pinks of the cherry blossoms that hang from the branches.

As far as wall decor ideas go, this classic Chinoiserie wallpaper design is bound to bring a touch of the exotic into your green bedroom idea.

Rob Abrahams, Co-Founder of COAT Paints says: We’ve seen clever use of dark teal with softer pastel pink shades to create contrast and definition in the space, which looks amazing.

11. Add plants for a biophillic and fertile feel

Though green is seen in many nature's flora and fauna, it's not often we see things that are teal in the real world. Because of this, the too-good-to-be-true hue can seem a little artificial when introduced into a bedroom design.

As humans, we're naturally drawn to nature, so it'd be silly not to include a bit of biophilia in our bedroom decor. But if you're over seeing macrame and other been-there-done-that plant ideas on Instagram, it's time to get innovative.

Why not dress a clothes rail with hanging plants and stationery succulents to fresh up a teal scheme? Leafy green and pretty petals will add a vibrancy to a teal that's borderline blue.

12. Create co-ordination with a teal closet idea

Unless you're a homeowner that's bought your own, bedroom storage ideas can be boring, battered and damn right, well...blah. It feels a little weird that the vessel that houses our fashionable finds may not reflect the gorgeous garments.

Whilst mumma told you that it's the inside that counts, when looking at teal bedroom design, appearances matter. So just like your lounge wear and co-ords, get matchy-matchy by painting your wardrobe storage ideas in the same color as your walls.

By doing so, you'll hide any unsightly scuffs while also bringing your bedroom to life. However, if you're renting, just remember to get permission from your landlord first. You can always shop for bedding and other accessories to match your walls or alternatively upcycle a piece of furniture that you own.

How do I style a bedroom using teal?

Nina Tarnowski, Founder and Designer for Woodchip & Magnolia says: 'Teal is a classic and versatile tone that complements many other shades, making it a great color base for your bedroom of dreams.

'Its jewel tones adds a sense of character to a modern home, consider pairing it with off-whites and natural textures for a look that feels fresh and timeless.'

And Co-Founder of COAT Paints says: 'Teal is a versatile color, and for the last year both dark and light shades have been among the most popular shades.'

'It can be used in bedrooms in so many ways to create a variety of looks. For example, using darker shades of teal can create a cozy cocoon in north facing bedrooms, where the darker shade will absorb light and soften the edges.'

'Alternatively in sunny south facing bedrooms, lighter shades of teal create a softer pastel look that’s calming and timeless.'