Terrifying but amazing Halloween Michael Myers coffee table appears on Facebook selling page

An unusual but amazing item has popped up on a local Facebook selling site - and it could take pride of place in your front room.

Listed at £375 on Grimsby Cleethorpes Sell and Swaps, the handmade furniture features fictional slasher, Michael Myers from the Halloween franchise of films.

Together with a bloody knife, Myers looks as though he is slashing his way through a window - most probably in search of his sister Laurie.

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The maker of the coffee table, Louisa Oakes, said she first began making horror-themed furniture at the beginning of the first Covid-19 lockdown, and needed something to cure her boredom.

Terrifying but amazing Halloween Michael Myers coffee table appears on Facebook selling page

The Louth resident told Grimsby Live: "I started when the first lockdown happened, I had to do something to fight the boredom. I absolutely adore classic goth horror and found that there were literally no suppliers of alternative furniture, so I decided that I'd do it myself.

"I’m not a business yet but financially one day I’m sure I can make it happen. I have so many more ideas than time so one day I’d love a likeminded workforce.

"[People's reactions] are mostly very positive, it’s so encouraging to see comments like, 'Omg, look at this'. It makes me giggle too. Occasionally I get a negative comment but everyone is entitled to their opinion!"

Speaking about how the Michael Myers coffee table was made, Louisa said: "The body is formed with a four-way stretch fabric and filled with a fire retardant foam and the boiler suit is also made from fire retardant fabric.

"The mask is a non toxic air dry clay sculpted in situ, and from there the paint effects are added using four or five reference pictures, then it’s just a matter of building the unit around the sculpture and painting appropriately. The legs are added and he’s ready for his release."

Louisa added: People's reactions make me feel so grateful and really encouraged to keep going. It just makes me so happy."

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