The 5 best flea and tick medicine for dogs in 2021

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There are many safe and effective flea control products for dogs, either available with a veterinarian's prescription or sold over the counter. Many products kill and prevent other parasites, too, including ticks, heartworms, intestinal parasites, mites, and biting flies.

Choosing a safe and effective flea and tick medicine for dogs can be complicated. There are many products available and they're all a little different. My background taught me a lot about parasite prevention and the various flea control products available today. I spent eight years working as a veterinary assistant in animal hospitals followed by two more decades as an editor for magazines in the pet and veterinary fields. Over the years, I've treated countless dogs for fleas, including my own dogs.

For this guide, I used the quick product reference guide published by the independent, nonprofit Companion Animal Parasite Council to research products. I selected products based on safety, the number of parasites targeted, products' ease of use, and the minimum age the product can be used. Jump to the end of this guide to read more about our selection criteria. For additional guidance about treating and preventing fleas on dogs, I consulted with two veterinarians.

The 5 best flea and tick medicine for dogs in 2021

Before choosing a flea preventive for your dog, talk to your veterinarian who can advise you on what type of product might be best depending on your dog's temperament and lifestyle, and what parasites are most prevalent in your location. Learn more about how Insider Reviews tests and researches pet products.

These are the best flea and tick prevention for dogs in 2021

Best topical flea preventive overall: Advantage Multi for Dogs, $115.99 at ChewyWith just one easy monthly application, Advantage Multi for Dogs treats, controls, and prevents more parasites than any other topical product.

Best OTC topical flea preventive for dogs: Frontline Plus for Dogs, $67.99 at ChewyAvailable without a prescription, Frontline Plus for Dogs kills adult fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, ticks, and chewing lice on contact.

Best oral flea control product for dogs: Simparica TRIO, $153.45 at ChewySimparica TRIO treats, controls, and prevents more parasites than any other oral product, offering a full month of protection with one easy-to-give flavored pill.

Best flea control product for young puppies: Capstar for Dogs, $36.99 at ChewyCapstar for Dogs is safe for puppies as young as 4 weeks old and starts killing fleas within 30 minutes.

Best flea collar for dogs: Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs, $59.98 at PetcoThe Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs offers eight months of protection against fleas and ticks in all life stages.