This $107 12-in-1 Steam Clean Mop Cleans Literally Everything in My Home

Scouting Report: This lightweight, multitasking cleaner has 12 functions to steam clean and disinfect your home like a professional—but at a fraction of the cost.

Cleaning my home is a necessary evil, but fortunately, I’ve found a tool— well, actually 12 tools— that make the dreaded chore a lot easier. As a self-professed germaphobe, you’d think that I would enjoy cleaning obsessively. Well, I don’t. My strategy leans more toward Lysol spray, Clorox wipes, and an unlimited supply of disposable gloves. Unfortunately, I can’t use Lysol and Clorox on everything, which is finding the best handheld steam cleaner has been such a game-changer.

The Doker 12-in-1 steam cleaner functions as both a handheld steam cleaner and a floor steamer. However, it’s called a 12-in-1 because, in addition to the handheld cleaner and floor steamer, there are 10 additional accessories to help make other cleaning tasks a breeze.

I like steam cleaning, especially when it’s simple to do because it doesn’t require chemicals to get the job done. Also, the heat and moisture do a great job of providing a deep clean and removing allergens. (Steam can also sanitize, but it needs to be held in place for several minutes, and I’m not trying to ruin my hardwood floors.)

Doker 12-in-One Steam Cleaner

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Here’s how I’ve been using my 12-in-1 cleaner to make my cleaning routine much easier:

I use the microfiber mop-head pad on a low steam setting to clean my wood floors. There’s also a carpet glider for cleaning carpets, but I use my Samsung Jet 90 vacuum on the carpeted steps, and for deep cleaning, I use my Bissell ProHeat carpet cleaner.

The large, round brush, and concrete grout brush are ideal for cleaning the walls and floor in my stone-surround shower area. The window/mirror cleaner cleans my mirrors and shower glass without leaving streaks.

This 7 12-in-1 Steam Clean Mop Cleans Literally Everything in My Home

The garment tool is used to refresh and remove wrinkles from my drapes. It can also be used to steam clean upholstery and bedding; however, my furniture is leather, and my bed has an expensive cooling pad on it, so I refrain from using steam on either.

The angled concentrator and flat scaping tools are used to gently clean my glass cooktop, while the straight nozzle helps me get into those crevices and corners I wouldn’t ordinarily be able to reach.

There is also an adaptor that’s used to attach the straight nozzle to the handheld steam cleaner, and a handy measuring cup to pour water into the cleaner.

The 12-in-1steam cleaner is not cordless, but the cord is over 16 feet long, so it reaches quite a decent distance. I have a cordless steamer, but it takes at least two minutes to get hot enough to use and has a much smaller water reservoir. On the other hand, the Doker 12-in-1 steam cleaner heats up in 25 seconds, and it also has adjustable steam settings, so I can choose a heat setting up to 230 degrees or use the dial to select a lower setting. For example, a low heat setting is better for my hardwood floors, and it’s also advisable to use a lower setting on the carpet (to keep it from getting saturated), and when using the window/mirror cleaner or the concrete/grout brush.

Another advantage of this steam cleaner over the one that’s now been relegated to a shelf in my garage: the 12-in-1 has a flexi-hinge, and when I press it, the bottom half of the cleaner bends up to 70 degrees, making it easy to clean underneath furniture.

I’ll be honest, my 12-in-one cleaner doesn’t exactly make cleaning fun, but I'm not sure that any tool would be able to have that effect. However, like my multicooker, and my treadmill, it makes the chore at hand (yes, I consider exercising a chore) a lot easier, and that’s my top priority.


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