Top 5 design trends to use this winter recreated in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise

The home design offerings in Animal Crossing: New Horizons already felt like a wonderful set of tools but the arrival of the Happy Home Paradise DLC means anything feels possible. Just because you are building dream vacation cabins for all kinds of characters doesn’t mean that they can’t be on trend for winter 2021 and 2022. The customisation options and huge selection of furniture on offer means that even your Animal Crossing homes can look straight out of a catalogue. We’ve looked at thehome decor trends of 2022and gathered 5 of the top design trends to use this winter in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise.

1. Golbincore

If you’re a regular browser of #Goblincore on TikTok or Pinterest you won’t need any introduction to this rather unlikely trend. Goblincore celebrates the appeal of the dirtier side of the natural world. This means animal skulls and bones, snails, worms, and mushrooms are hot Goblincore commodities. Ideal if you’ve been through a Fall season in Animal Crossing and are looking for a way to put all those mushroom recipes to good use. Consider this to be a darker, mossier version of last year’s Cottagecore trend. To make the most of the look in your vacation homes in Happy Home Paradise, make sure you have unlocked the ability to use your own homemade items in your designs. Then choose sparingly to make those pieces shine in their surroundings. Think dark fairy tales and swirling patterns and you’re on the right mossy track.

Top 5 design trends to use this winter recreated in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise

2. Yellow Accents

It’s time to bring some warmth to your Animal Crossing vacation homes with some yellow accents. When used selectively, these welcoming tones can bring brightness to your Happy Home Paradise abodes without being overwhelming. Choose your accent pieces well and Raymond and co will be clamouring to live in these spaces. Just remember to check the variations available on your furniture pieces and choose colours that compliment one another. An ideal accessory to brighter colours is the monochrome wave rug and if you’re feeling bold, you could always build a yellow accent room around a bright feature wall. Then it’s just a case of adding more subtle additions such as colourful cushions or table decorations to make things truly pop. Poki and style points, what else do you need?

3. Plants and Natural Fibres

Looking ahead to 2022, using more natural decor has never been more in fashion and there are plenty of ways to make the most of more of these textures in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise. There are full suites of rattan and log furniture as well as plenty of natural patterns ready made for decorating with greenery if you choose the customise option. The addition of accent walls also means you can opt for a more rustic feature wall to bring in some different textures. Make sure you check the wall hanging section too when you’re in full decorating mode. Not only are there a selection of customisable plants, but also shelving units with different colours of wood to stop things becoming too uniform.

4. Maximise Vertical Space

2021 living has often meant making the most of limited space as we work and play within the same four walls and of course, home design has followed. Winter and 2022 decor trends then are all about maximising the space we have, be it with vertical storage or making rooms multipurpose. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise lets us do both. The addition of partitions that you can unlock are a great way of dividing up rooms and there are plenty of different furniture options to make the most of vertical space. The tension-pole rack is a particularly stylish minimalist shelving unit and you can customise the colour of the wood. There’s even space for an item of your choice on the lowest shelf.

5. Colourful outdoor design

Again, after a year of more static living, we’ve really grown to appreciate our outdoor spaces. This is reflected in future design trends which focus on making the garden feel more like an extension of our living areas. This means plenty of outdoor furniture and bright colours to celebrate our new garden existences. Patio design is even easier in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise as we can customise vacationer gardens with the same tools as inside their homes. With a press of a button you can turn every outdoor space into a grid for intuitive management and speedily add different trees and furniture for them to enjoy. Remember to use the vast selection of patterns to customise cushions too.