VOCE rehearsals to start this month

In recording deeds, the state of North Carolina does not require that the amount paid for a parcel be stated on the deed. However a tax stamp at the rate of $2 for every $1,000 in value is affixed to each deed.

Recent real estate transfers recorded in the Surry County Register of Deed’s office include:

– James R. Shipley and Susan L. Shipley to Johnny Ray Sutphin; tract Mount Airy; $309.

– David Clark Bledsoe and Michelle Hawks Bledsoe to Sarah F. Hauser; lots 2-5 block A SM Hale property PB 1 37 Mount Airy; $373.

– Jeremiah Minton and Amber Minton to Drake Yarwood and Makayla Yarwood; 5.51 acres Bryan; $0.

– Juliana Leigh Caldwell to Tracey Leigh Gregory; lot 29 Indian Springs development PB 4 142 Mount Airy; $350.

– Dianne Ryan Simon and John Fletcher George Jr. to S & S Properties And Rentals, LLC; 9.21 acres Dobson; $698.

– Tammy Marie Willis and Tammy W. Richards to Jarred Kent Beverly; lots 1-5 and 35-36 Ellie Leftwhich property Mount Airy; $368.

– Bruce Wayne Martin Jr., Erica Ann Martin, Kimberly Nicole Wilson, and Austin Michael Wood to Kimberly Nicole Wilson and Austin Michael Wood; lot 26 section 3 The Farm subdivision PB 8 58 Stewarts Creek; $305.

– Betty L. Adams to Tyler Adams Johnson; tracts; $0.

– James Irving Lawson and Volenda Mae Love to Hilda Sue Lawson and Kimberly Dawn Lawson; parcel 1 tract PB 31 37 and parcel 2 5.605 acres; $0.

– William Kent Gordon and Jacqueline Gordon to Deborah Nelson and David Wade Nelson; 3 tracts Long Hill; $103.

– Jacob Andrew Pelfrey and Adriane Puckett Pelfrey to Donna S. Moser and Eric Lee Moser; 0.838 acres Eldora; $450.

– Payden D. Mason and Britnie D. Mason to Payden D. Mason; quitclaim deed 2 lots Pilot; $0.

– Virginia W. Simmons and Mark Wayne Simmons to Clyde Oren Josey IV and Andrea T. Josey; tract 1 PB 13 98; $85.

– Lily’s Land, LLC to Justin J. Wheeler; 0.406 acres PB 38 142 Mount Airy; $190.

VOCE rehearsals to start this month

– Cas Investments, LLC to Andrew Kostenko and Irina Kostenko; 2 tracts Mount Airy; $760.

– James Douglas Snow, Jami Snow Eldridge, and Timothy Wray Eldridge to Stella Inman and Stella Mae Snow Inman; quitclaim deed portion of lot 4 The Hollows subdivision PB 9 41 Stewarts Creek; $0.

– Stella Inman and Steven Dwain Inman to Laken B. Haynes and Dustin C. Haynes; tract one lot 5 and tract two portion of lot 4 The Hollows subdivision PB 9 41 Stewarts Creek; $340.

– Brian J. Reece and Ashley Cee Jay Reece to Ronald Dean Flavell; 3.322 acres Eldora; $520.

– Estate of Phillip Gray Park, Faye Wagoner, and Phillip Gray Park to Angel Ray Brown; tract Elkin estate of Phillip Gray Park; $40.

– Linda Kimmer Wilmoth to Sonny Joe Wilmoth; tract Bryan; $130.

– Ronald Jay Holder and Patty C. Holder to Gina Morrison and Ricia King; lots 9-14 PB 1 190 Elkin; $0.

– Brent Davis and Kathy Davis to David Walker Reavis, Jennifer Reavis, and John Daniel White II; tract one 1 acres and tract two tract Eldora; $210.

– Heather Rafalko to Janet Laskowski and Lance Brosch; 0.687 acres 29,912 sq ft lots 29-31 Haymore development block D PB 1 68; $333.

– Tiffany Jarrell and Carolyn N. Steele to Jasmine R. Toney; .72 acres lot 10 Skyview development PB 6 180 Mount Airy; $237.

– The Hodges Family Trust and Vernelle W. Hodges to CAS Investments, LLC; lot 9 block A Fancy Acres development PB 6 180 Mount Airy; $228.

– Sylvia M. Hemmings to Daryl G. Pruitt and Jessie Pruitt; lot 23 section 1 Lynnewood subdivision PB 11 48 Mount Airy; $272.

– Katie Marsh to Roger Ismel Zambrano and Brittany Lynn Zambrano; tract one lot 20 PB 4 200 and tract two 0.252 acres lot 19 Rock Bluff Park subdivision Mount Airy; $254.

– Monica I. Santos Rodriguez to Jorge D. Santos Rodriguez; 1.441 acres lot 2 Fred D. Holbrook subdivision PB 12 173 Elkin; $0.

– Ronna L. Hawks to Marilyn D. Thomas; 0.073 acres Pilot; $14.

– Heather Mcsorley and Dwayne Scott McSorley to Dwayne Scott McSorley; tract 14 Possum Trot Valley PB 8 39 Elkin; $0.

– First Troy SPE, LLC to Pilot Mountain Rescue and EMS, Inc.; 2.175 acres tract one PB 39 36; $873.

– SLA Properties, LLC to CGAD, LLC; .992 acres Stewarts Creek; $200.