Why are free range eggs unavailable from supermarkets next week?

THIS secluded rural home looks like a bargain at just £56,000 - but the inside might give some people the creeps.

Its lonely setting and dark interiors have reminded house hunters of the "haunted" site of the notorious Amityville Horror.

The brick three-bedroom homestead with red-tiled roof was built around 1920 and is set in almost four and a half acres of land in Iowa, US.

It includes several outbuildings including a barn, farm silos and mature trees.

A sales listing boasts it has a "fantastic location" and is packed with "charm/character of yesteryear".

It adds: "Or if you have been looking for the perfect picturesque setting to build, here is the opportunity you have been waiting for.


"Nice parcel of land, bring your family and farm friends and start your move to the country once the work is done!"

Photos of the interior show give a clue to how much work is required.

Why are free range eggs unavailable from supermarkets next week?

Dimly lit rooms are strewn with debris, old furniture and what appears to be an old gas stove.

The plaster has fallen off most of the walls and there are large holes to patch in the wooden laths behind.

It is also not connected to public sewers. Agents say a buyer will need permission for a septic tank.

And anyone still keen to invest is told they must sign a waiver before stepping foot inside.


The creepy house has been compared to the Dutch colonial home that was the scene of a family massacre in Amityville, New York, in 1974.

Ronald DeFeo slaughtered his parents and four younger siblings and later told cops: "Once I started, I just couldn't stop."

The crime horrified America - not least because of the paranormal claims that followed.

George and Kathy Lutz moved into the house with their three kids, but fled weeks later complaining it was possessed by "demonic spirits".


Alleged evidence of hauntings included slime oozing from the walls and a priest's hands bleeding after he tried to bless the property.

The real-life horror story inspired a bestselling book and a series of terrifying Hollywood films.