Wood Bed Frames Are The Timeless Piece That'll Transform Your Room

Wood bed frames are classic, work back with a plethora of aesthetics, and usually the most sturdy choice. But with so many in market these days, it's hard to know which one to choose. Not to mention (unless you're a bit of a handyman wizard) you need something you can set up easily so it doesn't just end up as a pile of spare parts in the corner.

We chose our favourite wood bed frames based on ease of setup, sturdiness, style and longevity.


Brosa Bruin Queen Bed Frame, $1,249

Brosa make wonderfully stylish furniture for an affordable cost - this frame is made of solid mango wood, so it's super durable and will live on in your space for years and years. What we love about the Bruin frame is that it sits entirely on the floor - perfect for those who toss and turn and can't stand creaking over time.

In terms of set-up, this is one of the harder beds to put together, simply because the solid wood makes the pieces heavy, and there is a little bit of drilling involved. However it's absolutely one of the most versatile style-wise. The mid-brown tone suits everything from a minimalist bedroom through to a more vintage-style design.


Ecosa Queen Bed Base in Walnut, $1,399

Wood Bed Frames Are The Timeless Piece That'll Transform Your Room

The Ecosa bed base has to be one of the easiest wood frames to construct. It's got nifty metal slide-locks that connect each section, so you don't need any screws or talent with drills. Made of solid American Ash Timber, the pieces are heavy - you might need help getting the packaging up stairs if you live alone. But it makes for a strong, sturdy bed frame that'll last.

Our only advice would be to ensure you really do slot it together correctly, because if you don't slide those locks into place it can be creaky. It's easy to cut corners because it's so quick to assemble, but you'll get the best sleep if you follow the setup rules!


Koala Timber Bed Base in Queen, $850

Koala make probably the most affordable wood bed frame in Australia that's also one of the easiest to assemble. The entire thing slots together, making it sturdy and simple for anyone who is DIY-averse.

While the bulky legs may not aesthetically suit everyone, if you throw the doona over the top the finished look is very sleek - just jump on their Instagram to see the many ways people style the bed base in various interiors. The only potential issue is if you constantly bark your shins on frames that stick out, because this is a floating base with edges that extend beyond the mattress. Still, that can be useful for popping stuff like your phone through the night.


Eva Timber Bed Frame in Queen, $1,000

Another light wood bed frame, the Eva frame not only looks amazing, but is also FSC certified, so it's good for the planet as well. It also has some excellent little additions like a slot to hold your phone, and curved slats that slide effortlessly into place and won't budge. Assembly takes 30 minutes max which includes all the unwrapping, and doesn't require any tools (seriously), so it takes the experience from painful to painless.

We also love that the Eva frame sits closer to the ground, if that's your favourite aesthetic. It definitely helps to make your space look bigger and brighter, which is a big bonus if your bedroom is on the smaller side.

Life Interiors

Life Interiors Marlo Queen Bed Frame, $1,795

Life Interiors are on the more expensive side of wood bed frames, and it's also worth noting that the frame is solid American oak, but with a timber veneer.

Still, the frame looks so much more expensive than it is - and the design is modern without the risk of it looking unstylish in a few years.