www.thethings.com Do Contestants Keep The Furniture In ‘100 Day Dream Home”?

Shows such as House Hunters, Property Brothers, and Love It Or List It have been hit shows on the HGTV network for many years and continue to hit high ratings. All shows HGTV has produced have gone on to do incredibly well. Sarah and Bryan Baeumler are possibly the richest HGTV stars. Yet, these shows have also been under many speculations that the premise may be coming off as fake or staged. Fixer Upper has been slammed for being potentially fake by viewers amongst also having done some questionable things over the years.


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100 Day Dream House is no different. While the series may be fairly newer compared to the other shows, it has been renewed for a season three and fans just can’t get enough of it. Who wouldn’t want to live in their dream home that host and renovates team Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt take 100 days to create? Yet, what viewers do not realize is they may be being told false news as the contestants might not actually keep their own furniture. If that is the case, they are just as fake and no different from their fellow HGTV shows who have been accused of being fake. However, similar to many other shows, 100 Day Dream House has been speculated to be potentially fake.

Where Does The Furniture Go After 100 Day Dream Home?

The popular home renovation series House Hunters have been on for years, but there is more information when making an episode than is brought to viewers' attention. Another popular series Love It Or List It has come across as being heavily staged, which might be the truth. So if other shows are being staged or fake, it would not come as a surprise to viewers if 100 Day Dream House is also fake and staged as well.

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www.thethings.com Do Contestants Keep The Furniture In ‘100 Day Dream Home”?

When Mika and Brian have finished going over the decisions and the custom design features the homeowners want to see, it is then up to Mika and Brian to deliver. That is when the homeowners are removed from the process completely and the count-down timer begins. Mika and Brian stage the home with furniture to add some touches of a homey feel for their clients.

The question remains if the homeowners get to keep the furniture or do it go away after filming the final reveal is over. The answer is the homeowners do keep the furniture as the cost comes from their budget. What the episodes rarely air on-screen is that off-screen, the homeowners give Mika and Brian an idea of what kind of furniture they gravitate towards. The rest is up to Mika and Brian to deliver, and the homeowners just need to put their faith in them.

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How Much It Costs To Make 100 Day Dream Home

While the budget the homeowners give makes up most of the cost for the renovations for the home, there are expenses viewers are not aware of. In fact, each home must include a starting fee of $300,000, but it is heavily encouraged the clients provide over the starting fee if they want to see everything, they want in their dream home. The amount of work put into making the homeowner's dream home come to life can be very challenging and overwhelming at times. Something many viewers do not realize or understand unless you are a renovator yourself or have been part of the process before. In an interview with PeopleTV, Mika and Brian discussed whether any of their previous clients ever disliked the final results on the show before.

Both Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt have extensive careers in real estate and know how to improve the worth of your home drastically. However, on the show, Brian does prefer getting his hands dirty building walls and ceilings and leading the construction process. Whereas, Mika prefers being in control of the design and the overall aesthetics of the homes and bringing in the homeowner's individual uniqueness to light since it is their home after all.

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Whether the shows on HGTV are fake and staged or are the real deal, we certainly can not get enough of the show. For some viewers, watching the shows may give them the inspiration for work they may be wanting to do on their own homes. Or perhaps they are watching the shows to learn about what it is like to be a renovator or real-estate agent. No matter the reason, and no matter the results being fake or not, HGTV has been involved in some pretty special projects. One project in particular was when they got to restore The Brady Bunch house back to how it looked like and should have remained looking like.

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